What’s in store with Hartlepool’s weather this week?

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HARTLEPOOL is set for a mixed bag when it comes to the weather this week.

Forecasters predict a mix of sun and cloud with bursts of heavy rain.

Forecasters are predicting a mix of sunny spells and cloud with bursts of heavy rain.

It is also expected to feel cooler than the weekend when temperatures got as high as 16 degrees Celsius on Sunday.

Here is the look ahead for the next four days.

Monday – The day is due to be mainly wet with showers, some heavy, for much of the day before the sun appears at around 4pm.

But it will feel warm with the temperature reaching 14 degrees Celsius/57 Fahrenheit.

Tuesday – A bright and sunny start to the day with no rain on the cards. Cloud will creep in as the day progresses before burning off in the late afternoon.

Expected to feel slightly cooler than Monday.

Wednesday – Cloud is forecast for much of today with the sun due to put in a brief appearance in the early afternoon.

Still relatively warm at 12 degrees Celsius/54 Fahrenheit.

Thursday – Nothing but cloud is expected for Hartlepool on Thursday. Temperatures will remain steady at around nine degrees Celsius/48 Fahrenheit peaking at 11 Celsius/52 Fahrenheit in the afternoon.