What you had to say after marina bar told to turn music down

Hartlepool residents have had a mixed views to the news that a marina bar has been told to turn it down after a couple endured a year of stressful noise.

Sunday, 22nd April 2018, 10:59 am
Updated Sunday, 22nd April 2018, 11:01 am
The Ruby Slipper, Navigation Point, Hartlepool

The Ruby Slipper, which was formerly O’lafferty’s, has been told to turn it down following an investigation by Hartlepool Borough Council’s environment team.

It has had a condition put on its licence to comply with all requirements of the town’s environmental health team.

Co-licencees of The Ruby Slipper, Edika Ward (left) and Paul Rowe.

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It comes as Pauline Robson, told a meeting of the town’s licensing sub committee that she and her husband, Peter, had suffered a year of problems from thumping, loud music coming from the bar into their fifth floor flat.

However, the bar only became The Ruby Slipper, an LGBTQ friendly venue with drag acts and cabaret, at the end of March, and the new licencees, Paul Rowe and Edika Ward, say the last thing they want is for residents to have to go through this and are vowing to do whatever is needed to solve the problem.

Here is how you reacted on social media:

Mark Boyce said: “It’s not been this bar for that long, but it is still quite noisy.

Co-licencees of The Ruby Slipper, Edika Ward (left) and Paul Rowe.

“During week it is tolerable. At the weekend I am out myself so it is not really a problem unless I stay in.”

Al Robinson commented: “I live on the second floor and don’t think the noise is that bad.

“I agree though the previous owners did blast the music and the noise was intolerable at times.

“However the new owners are totally different and really do want to work with residents to keep disturbance to a minimum.

“They’ve already spent a small fortune on a new sound system which is already making a difference.”

Rea Brookes added: “I bet that is annoying.

“I have lived in the same quiet place all my life so I do have sympathy for residents, but would never live there myself.”

Sharon Edwards said: “Hopefully it should stop!”

Mark Boyce said: “They do need to consider the residents but I don’t want the owners to lose their business.

“It has been blown out of proportion.”

Jude Macintosh said: “People who live there are well aware the bars and pubs have been there from the off.

“It’s really hard to grasp why it’s a problem now.

“I get it would have an effect if you are older and in ill health, but why live in such a location?”