What you said about MPs rejecting the Brexit deal - how Hartlepool reacted to the vote in Parliament

Hartlepool voters have given MPs another set of strong words to consider after last night's vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 12:57 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 2:32 pm
Picture by PA

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill and Easington MP Grahame Morris both voted to reject the deal.

Chris Kenny said: "Deluded, the pair of them. Out means out! Not in, not half way in, not a foot in, it means all the way OUT!!!! No deal brexit!

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Phil Pallister said: "The people want no deal . Both are not representing the people."

Jimmy Gettings said: "Nobody voted for a deal , the vote was remain in / or leave the EU nothing was mentioned about a deal !

"More people voted to leave than remain so in democracy leave won the vote and we leave on 29/3/19. and carry on trading under WTO rules.

"Both the EU and UK are already trading under WTO and the UK don't have to pay a ludicrous £39billion to any country for a trade deal ....just think what we could spend that amount of money on in the UK ...the mind boggles!"

Tim Dawson said: "Out means out... we can build again if we have to.... What’s the point of democracy if they ain’t gonna listen??"

Jim Gillespie said: "At the referendum we were given a binary choice - Leave or Remain. There was no mention of a deal. If you want to stop a gym membership or change the golf club you play at, you don't negotiate a deal to leave, you just walk away.

"Let's not kid ourselves here, we had ZERO chance of getting even a remotely good deal from the EU for they know fine well that if they did that for the UK, half of the other 27 EU states would want to leave on similar terms too.

"The only option for us is and always has been to WALK AWAY with No Deal. Don't be fooled by Project Fear, we can not only survive a No Deal, we will thrive from it. Let's stop this pantomime of negotiating a deal and just LEAVE.

"That's what 70% of us who voted in Hartlepool voted for."

Thomas Hamilton said: "They will never let no deal happen unfortunately. I hope everyone remembers how Mike Hill has acted in the next vote."

Ian Kenneth said: "Negotiate mutual standards recognition, which should be straightforward because we currently comply with EU standards.

"Leave on WTO terms and change what standards needs to be changed over time. Go for zero tariffs on most food items to reduce overall food costs and similar for clothing and footwear."

Kev Walker said: "Well Mr Hill, do tell us what labour will do, will we be in out in out do tell !!!!"

However, not everyone was against the MPs' decision.

Ian Lincoln said: "Calm down guys, they've only rejected this particular deal. For all anyone knows, both of them may be in favour of no deal than a crap deal."

John Wakeling said:"It was all based on lies. People were conned so it’s either another vote or we stay in and carry on as before "