What you think about Seaton Carew car parking charge

Car parking at Seaton Carew . Picture by FRANK REID
Car parking at Seaton Carew . Picture by FRANK REID

Readers have reacted negatively to a decision to introduce parking charges at Seaton Carew.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee approved the move to charge visitors £1 to park for two hours in its three main off-street car parks.

The charges are due to come into effect between April and October.

But the idea has not gone down well with the majority of people who commented on the Mail’s Facebook page.

Charlotte Macgregor wrote: “This will kill off businesses in Seaton.”

DawnNjohn Young commented: “You just have to look at what it caused down the marina! As soon as they put the meters in I stopped. Same will happen again at Seaton.”

Seaton resident Lauren Arnison believes people will park in the Marine Hotel instead.

She posted: “Bad idea all around! Why pay to park here when places such as Seaham sea front offer a similar experience?”

Ian Hardy commented: “All they think about is lining their own pockets why don’t they give up on the money they get, they are supposed to love our town so why do they not give something back for a change.”

Louise Lou said: “What a shame for the businesses down there. It’s run down as it is and the only benefit is the free parking.

“I won’t bother when this comes in.”

Eric Robinson said: “Poor decision by the council, this won’t allow people to spend the day in Seaton, put the shackles on visitors is not the way to attract business for our area.”

Keith Robinson said: “Totally greedy council without any feedback whatsoever off the people like me living at Seaton because we are never asked!”

Christine Watson said: “I’ll find somewhere free to walk my dogs thank you.”

But Mark Newton said: “Only surprise here is it wasn’t done years ago.”

And Derrick Renwick said: “Councils have to make money from somewhere, blame the Tories for the vicious cuts that have been imposed on local authorities especially in the north.”