What's the best takeaway in Hartlepool? Vote for yours in our Takeaway of the Year 2019 competition

We are on the hunt for the best takeaway of 2019.

Monday, 14th January 2019, 3:59 pm
Updated Monday, 14th January 2019, 4:04 pm
Takeaway of the Year

Turkish or Indian, Spanish or Italian, English or Chinese there’s nothing us Brits love more than eating our favourite food at home, so come on all you bon viveurs – we need you to pick your overall winner.

You might choose a certain one because of the sublime flavours, the variety on offer, the wonderful sauces or because they deliver. Now you’ve sampled the sensations, textures and delights of your favourites and told us which ones should be included on our list so you can then whittle them down to the supreme top 10.

The list of eligible restaurants will be printed this week and next together with a voting slip.

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To vote from the list, simply pick up a copy of the paper, complete the details on the coupon on the competition page, and post it to us, stating the full name and voting number of the takeaway you wish to nominate.

HML001 Papa Chillis, 130 Northgate, Hartlepool.

HML002 Lee Garden, 57 Northgate, Hartlepool.

HML003 Marina Pizza, Highlight Retail Park, Hartlepool.

HML004 Fatso’s, Navigation Point, Hartlepool.

HML005 Tandoori Night, 27 Church Street, Hartlepool.

HML006 Ken Tong, , Hartlepool.

HML007 Golden Choi’s, 141 Burbank Street, Hartlepool.

HML008 The Pizza Guys, 29 - 31 Park Road, Hartlepool.

HML009 Welcome Chinese, 14 Lister Street, Hartlepool.

HML010 OhSo Kitchen, 127 Raby Road, Hartlepool.

HML011 Marino’s, 162 Raby Road, Hartlepool.

HML012 La Nuova, 184 Raby Road, Hartlepool.

HML013 Lotus House, 186 Raby Road, Hartlepool.

HML014 Powlett Wok, Powlett Road, Hartlepool.

HML015 Romeo Pizza, 2 Powlett Road, Hartlepool.

HML016 Princess Pizzeria, 33 Chatham Road, Hartlepool.

HML017 Hong Kong Sha Tin, 45 Chatham Road, Hartlepool.

HML018 Savvy Pizzeria, 31 Miers Avenue, Hartlepool.

HML019 King Oswy Takeaway, 61 King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool.

HML020 Golden River, 26 The Front, Hartlepool.

HML021 The Golden Bird, 357 - 359 Stockton Road, Hartlepool.

HML022 Sunny House, 65 Jutland Road, Hartlepool.

HML023 Pizza Palace, 14 Sydenham Road, Hartlepool.HML024 Chippizza, 3a Belle Vue Way, Hartlepool.

HML025 New Chow Kee, 123 Stockton Road, Hartlepool.

HML026 Lotus Palace, 139 Stockton Road, Hartlepool.

HML027 Seaton Tandoori, 31 Front Street, Hartlepool.

HML028 Cantonese House, 210 Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool.

HML029 Capri, 34a Catcote Road, Hartlepool.

HML030 Venezia Pizzeria, 132 Oxford Road, Hartlepool.

HML031 Verona, 5 Wiltshire Way, Hartlepool.

HML032 Food Palace, Unit 1, Hartlepool.

HML033 Tasty Bites, 80 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML034 Siciliano’s, 91a York Road, Hartlepool.

HML035 Royal Garden Chinese Takeaway, 1 Bright Street, Hartlepool.

HML036 Dine at Home, 3 Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML037 The Balti, 7a Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML038 Canton Chef, 5 Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML039 Chilli & Spice, 27 Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML040 Guan Can Cook, 13 Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML041 Chow Kee, 60 Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML042 Thai Pan, 34a Duke Street, Hartlepool.

HML043 Blossom Garden, 4 Duke Street, Hartlepool.

HML044 Silver Star Hot Meals, 247 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML045 Panda, 51a Elwick Road, Hartlepool.

HML046 Pizza Time, Elwick Road, Hartlepool.

HML047 Rainbow City, 125 Elwick Road, Hartlepool.

HML048 Don Pepe’s, 94 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML049 Heartly Food, 180 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML050 Fatso’s Pizzeria, 195 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML051 Mamta, 197 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML052 Alchino’s Pizzeria, Unit 2 Clavering Road, Hartlepool.

HML053 AFC Pizzeria & Grill, 133 Stockton Road, Hartlepool.

HML054 Dominoes, 178 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML055 Pizza Hut Delivery, 36 Catcote Road, Hartlepool.

HML056 Milano Pizza, 43 Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML057 Indian Cottage, 41 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML058 Chino’s, 18 Brus Corner, Hartlepool.

HML059 Pizza Planet, 26 Avenue Road, Hartlepool.

HML060 Pizza Mezo, 170 Raby Road, Hartlepool.

HML061 Golden Garden, 37 Wynyard Road, Hartlepool.

HML062 Primo Pizzeria, 15 Wynyard Road, Hartlepool.

HML063 Chicago’s Pizzeria, 38a Catcote Road, Hartlepool.

HML064 The Toby Takeaway, 44 Murray Street, Hartlepool.

HML065 Brierton Pizza, 1 Brierton Shops, Hartlepool.

HML066 Jumbo Chinese, 21 Park Road, Hartlepool.

HML067 Sicilia Pizza, 35 Northgate, Hartlepool.

HML068 Sorrento Pizzeria, 49 Church Street, Hartlepool.

HML069 Charlie’s Pizzeria, 1 Cundall Road, Hartlepool.

HML070 Adil’s Pizzeria, 98 York Road, Hartlepool.

HML071 Mando’s Pizzeria, 404 Catcote Road, Hartlepool.