When a King was queen for the day

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A PRIMARY school pupil was crowned Queen for the day as her fellow classmates celebrated the diamond anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.

The Year 5 pupils at Golden Flatts Primary School, in the town’s Seaton Lane, have been hard at work in the classroom studying the history of Great Britain since Queen Elizabeth took the throne in 1953.

Ellie King

Ellie King

To celebrate the Queen’s Coronation anniversary, which was on June 2, staff and pupils at the school organised their own special occasion.

All of the pupils wrote letters to the school’s headteacher, Sue Sharpe, to try to persuade her to choose them as the Queen as part of the school’s commemorative event.

And after much deliberation Ellie King was announced as the pupil who would be taking the crown for the day.

After a mock Coronation service, which was conducted by the school’s very own young Archbishop, Jay I’Anson, a classroom was set aside for a street party and the youngsters celebrated in style.

Year 5 teacher Sarah Barton, said the youngsters had a great time marking the historic event.

“At the end of every topic we try to have a little celebration and the Coronation was the perfect opportunity,” she said.

“The children all had a fantastic time, they were all keen on getting involved and really enjoyed it.”