When will it stop raining?

When will it end?
When will it end?

It can't rain all the time, or so they say.

But at the moment it seems like it very much can.

While today looks set to spare us from worsening flooding, weather experts have little good news on the return of clement weather.

Showery rain will continue throughout today, heavy near the coast, with clouds keeping us in the gloom and strong southeasterly winds battering the region, again, especially near the coast.

The Met Office said winds could become near gale-strength at times, with the maximum temperature expected to be about 6°C, falling to 3°C in the night.

Tonight will be chilly, with broken cloud - and it may even become dry for a time - but more outbreaks of rain are predicted later in night, and southeasterly winds continuing strong near the coast.

Tomorrow is set to be another cloudy day, with patches of heavy rain through the day, but tending to become drier later with a few showers, turning wintry over Pennines. Brisk winds at and a maximum temperature of 7°C on the cards.

Friday may have a frosty start, but with yet more heavy showers expected later in the day, and on Saturday with brisk winds. Occasional showers are possible on Sunday with some bright spells.

So, in summary, forecasters are yet to see an end to the rain - with some even predicting snow to be on its way, at least elsewhere in the UK.