Where should heart-torn miner statue go?

Ray Lonsdale Sculpture
Ray Lonsdale Sculpture

A consultation is under way to decide where a sculpture honouring a community’s mining roots should be sited.

Residents will be able to have their say on where the statue called “I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more” should be placed in Horden Welfare Park.

The statue was purchased by Horden Parish Council from sculptor Ray Lonsdale, who created Tommy in Seaham.

It depicts a coal miner with his heart torn out and is significant for Horden, where an entire way of life disappeared almost overnight as a result of the pit closures in the 1980s.

Residents have the chance to tell Horden Parish Council which of a choice of two locations they would like to see the sculpture located in the park and what they would like to call it.

“The parish council are proud to be able to bring this powerful and evocative piece of public art to Horden.” clerk to the council, Paul Davison said.

“The pit may no longer be here but the village’s core working class mining values of hard work, honesty, integrity, resilience and community spirit live on and that is a fantastic testament to those past and present.”

The parish council purchased the sculpture to honour Britain’s proud coal mining heritage and are determined that Horden’s roots should be celebrated, linking the past to the present. Consultation documents can be found in most shops in Horden as well as the parish council’s website and social media. Comments can be posted and feedback can be returned to Horden Social Welfare by September 25.