Who’s a lucky boy as parrot rescued from roof?

Margaret Smedley and her parrot, Feathers, after he was rescued by firefighters
Margaret Smedley and her parrot, Feathers, after he was rescued by firefighters

FEATHERS the parrot proved a real handful when he got his whole street in a bit of a flap.

The pretty boy flew off from owner Margaret Smedley’s home, landing on the roof of a nearby house.

Margaret, along with her neighbours, then spent the afternoon trying to coax the parrot back down, even offering him his favourite snack - dog biscuits.

But when Feathers ignored all pleas, the 62-year-old was left with no other choice but to call in the fire brigade.

Firefighters then used a ladder to reach the top of a house in Tees Close, Peterlee, where the bird had come to rest.

Officers had feared the bird would fly off as they edged towards him, but instead, Feathers simply hopped on to the shoulder of his rescuer and was led to safety.

Margaret, who suffers from angina, arthritis and osteoporosis, was bought Feathers and German shepherd Angel by her late husband, Eddie, who died in 2008 aged 69.

She could not bear to watch the rescue efforts and had to head back inside her bungalow while the rescue was carried out.

The grandmother-of-one from Leven Walk said: “When they both came in I just put both my arms around them and said ‘God bless you.’

“I’d prayed to St Francis of Assisi.

“I’m so grateful to the firefighters and all those people who helped.

“People kept bringing me cups of tea out and one man came over, put his arm around me and said ‘Don’t worry pet, he’ll come down’.

“We heard a thud at one stage as he hit the tiles and he seemed stunned and lifeless, but he got back up.

“I don’t think these birds are used to cold climates.”

The crew of firefighters from Peterlee were called to the cul-de-sac at 8.30pm on Sunday following pleas from residents who were concerned Feathers could be attacked by wild native birds which were circling in the skies.

The firefighters told Margaret they would only launch one attempt to lure him down, but managed to reach him from the top of a semi-detached home on the first try.

Crew manager Kevin Croft said: “He’d been flying from roof to roof and tree to tree and was just on the ridge of one of the houses.

“One of the lads went up and got him down and had put his hand out for him to fly on to, but he jumped on to his back instead and stayed there until they got down.

“Now we’ve nicknamed him Doolittle.

“The woman was over the moon we had got him down, and thanked us for our services.”