Who will get your vote to become the next MP for Hartlepool?

Hartlepool Marina.
Hartlepool Marina.

The General Election is just days away and the result could set the way ahead for the whole country for decades to come.

We have given the four candidates hoping to become MP for the town the chance to tell you why they should vote to them.

Phillip Broughton

Phillip Broughton

Phillip Broughton.

I’m 33 years old, I work in Tesco as a checkout supervisor. I’m a working class lad who is passionate anout politics. Ive been active and onvolved in campaigning in Hartlepool for the last four years. I’ve been campaigning on issues including the hospital, over-development, school funding and policing.

I nearly won the Hartlepool seat for UKIP at the last General Election. It only requires a 4% swing for Hartlepool to get Labour out and a strong UKIP MP in.

It is pointless voting Conservative here in Hartlepool as the Tories can’t win this seat and every vote for them splits the vote and allows Labour to get back in.

Andy Hagon.

Andy Hagon.

Hartlepool faces a choice next week, if you vote Conservative or Labour you will get a Labour MP, nothing will change and it will be business as usual. If you vote UKIP you will get a strong UKIP MP and I will be the strong voice in Parliament that Hartlepool needs.

My manifesto includes:
 Protect our NHS - fight for local hospital services;

• Fairer school funding - based on need;

• Vote for true Brexit - we get control of our laws, border and money;

Mike Hill. Picture by Andrew Dorrian.

Mike Hill. Picture by Andrew Dorrian.

• Fair economy - cut taxes for lowest earners; big business to pay their fair share;

• Tougher policies on law and order - sentences that mean what they say and more police;

• Controlled migration - Australian points based system which treats everyone equally based on skills.

Andrew Hagon.

Carl Jackson.

Carl Jackson.

I was born and raised in Hartlepool, so the future of our great town matters to me too. Unfortunately, the political elite in this country no longer care for us - we have been badly let down by both Labour and the Conservatives. I want you to vote for me to be your strong voice in Westminster. The Lib Dems are the party for the forgotten.

I want the full restoration of hospital services. We know the NHS and healthcare services are underfunded and we are committed to rectifying the situation by raising £6 billion per year. But I will also be knocking on Teresa May’s door for a share of the £350 million a week the NHS was promised, should we leave the European Union. Some of that money needs to come to Hartlepool.

Of course, in 2016 the majority of Hartlepudlians did vote to leave the European Union, and as a democrat I respect that decision. As the plans, complexities, costs and implications are unveiled, it’s not unreasonable to accept that people may now have some doubts about Teresa May’s hard Brexit. We are the only party that offer you the opportunity to accept or decline the negotiated terms. It is a sensible and fair way to ensure that we decide what is the best deal for us, not May and her very small group of advisers.

As we leave the EU, I want the best deal for Hartlepool. I also want the restoration of the Healthcare Services we used to have.

Therefore, a vote for me cannot be a wasted vote If you think I am the right person to stand up for our town in Westminster. I hope you do.

Mike Hill.

Mike Hill lives in Hartlepool with his family and is a full time Trade Union Official.

Mike says: ‘As a local resident I am passionate about the place and its people. To fly the flag for Hartlepool in Westminster, to celebrate and promote the town, build on the hopes and aspirations of its people, would be an honour.

I am a tried and tested campaigner for public services and the NHS and will fight tooth and nail to put a stop to Tory plans to privatise our NHS and decimate social care services through underfunding. I will fight for more investment for our schools and public services and stand up for the citizens of our town and the most vulnerable in society like the elderly, disabled, homeless people and the mentally ill.

All people across all generations, particularly the young, deserve full and meaningful employment. In a post Brexit Hartlepool I will fight for greater inward investment, meaningful apprenticeships to build up a much needed skills base and give young people the career opportunities they deserve. I will tackle the rip off of unregulated agency supply chains where job opportunities in our industries for local people, pay and national conditions of service are undermined by the use of cheap labour. I will fight to save jobs and bring more in. I will fight for a Brexit that will be fair for Hartlepool and protect the interests of its people.

In short I will:

Put the people of Hartlepool first and be a champion for the Town;

Fight to protect NHS and social care services from decimation and privatisation;

Fight to save jobs and bring more in;

Fly the flag for Hartlepool and campaign for greater investment;

Protect our schools and public services.

Carl Jackson.

“I am optimistic about the future of Hartlepool.

For too long this town has been taken for granted by Labour, and we have a real chance to make a change.

Every single poll makes the election here in Hartlepool a two horse race between Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and Theresa May’s Conservatives.

With Brexit going ahead and the Conservatives committed to ending free movement of people from the EU to Britain, a vote for UKIP would achieve nothing for the town.

As someone who runs a business and creates new jobs every month, I want to promote Hartlepool as a great place to invest.

My vision is for Hartlepool to be world leader in offshore and onshore energy, to win a huge slice of the North Sea rigs decommissioning work, and to have a growing fishing industry by ensuring that the UK leaves the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

I want the town to become a centre for new technical training colleges which will give local people the skills they need to get well-paid, skilled and secure jobs.

Hartlepool needs an MP who can pick up the phone to the Prime Minister and get things done, whether that is achieving the right Brexit deal for the town, getting fair funding for local schools or fiercely opposing all plans to move health services away from local people.

To make Hartlepool’s voice heard at the very top of government, and to put the town back on the political map, we need a Conservative vote here on June 8th.”