Why not shape up and join up

Steven Smith
Steven Smith

OUT-OF-SHAPE readers will be in perfect hands when they sign up for our get-fit-and-lose-weight challenge.

The Hartlepool Mail is launching a new weight loss challenge in conjunction with the town’s Best Western Grand Hotel and personal trainer Steven Smith.

Steven is a former lightweight boxer who fought out of the Gus Robinson gym and boasted an impressive record.

But he decided to call it a day and turn his attentions from boxing to helping others.

“I stopped about three years ago when I was at the peak of my fitness,” he said.

“I decided that I wanted to help other people. I wanted to pass on what I knew to other people.

“Training and keeping fit is something I enjoy and if I can help make that part of other people’s lifestyles, it is a bonus for me.”

Our weight-loss challenge is the perfect opportunity for people in the Hartlepool area to shed the pounds with expert help - and stand a chance of winning a top prize at the end of it.

The prize awaiting our winner is a great reward for all that weight loss.

They will receive personal one-to-one training from Steven for two months as well as an overnight stay at any Tavistock Hotel.

But more importantly, they will also have gone a huge way along the journey to shaping up and getting fit.

They’ll have done it with the help of a man who is determined to make a difference in the town.

Steven, a Hartlepool lad himself, said: “There is an obesity problem in this town and I don’t want people to go down that line. I am hoping to change the lifestyles of people who want to change.”

But he also stressed: “This is not just about putting people through a competition. This is making sure they continue this fitness and health journey after the competition is over. I don’t want them to do this and then just go back to square one.”

His message to anyone wondering whether to enter was: “Do it. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of. Everyone is in the same boat.

“If you put yourself forward, you could really make a difference to your life.”

And personal training has certainly made a difference to Steven’s life.

After all, that’s how he met his girlfriend, Amanda Hockborn, 18. He said: “We are now engaged.”