This is why the water level at Ward Jackson Park Lake is so low

The water level of the lake in Ward Jackson Park is the lowest some residents have ever seen it.

Wednesday, 8th May 2019, 4:18 pm
Ward Jackson Park lake

But what has caused such a lack of water in the popular Hartlepool beauty spot.

Rumours have been circualting in the town and on social media, but the cause is quite simple: A lack of rain.

The cause of the low water level is due to the lack of rain

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Hartlepool Borough Council say the reason behind the low water level at the lake are so low is due to an unusually dry year.

A spokesman for the council said: “The only reason for the low water level in the lake at Ward Jackson Park appears to be the fact that we had a very dry summer in 2018 followed by a dry autumn, winter and now spring 2019.”

Regular visitors to the park say they have never seen the water so low.

In recent years, heavy rain has led to the lake water levels being unusually high.

The water level is the lowest some visitors have seen it

But visitors to the Victorian park say the water levels have been low for a long period of time.

The latest UK State of the Climate report showed that in recent decades there has been a general decline in the longest sequence of consecutive dry days.

The UK Climate Impacts Programme has also projected a trend towards drier summers on average.

The park is named after one of Hartlepool’s greatest entrepreneurs ‘Ralph Ward Jackson’ and was provided by public money in 1883.

Ward Jackson Park

The park’s collection of Victorian and Edwardian features including the Lodge House (1883), the Bandstand (1901), the Fountain (1902), the Clocktower (1925) and the magnificent Lake set in its Victorian landscape means it is listed in the National Register of Historic Parks & Gardens.