Will Hartlepool see sunshine this Bank Holiday? What to expect from this weekend's weather

Hartlepool could be set for some sunshine this weekend
Hartlepool could be set for some sunshine this weekend

The sun has slightly retreated in recent days - but it could be set for a return to Hartlepool just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

With a long weekend ahead, the sun is set to shine in Hartlepool - although it may not be as hot as previous weekends.

Friday may bring a slight sprinkling of rain, with some brief showers forecast on Friday morning and into the evening, but by the time the Bank Holiday weekend begins the weather is set to improve.

Despite some clouds forming early on, Saturday will see highs of 14° with plenty of sunny spells - especially into the early evening where the sun is expected to beam down on Hartlepool.

And Sunday looks set to be even better with plenty of sunshine forecast as the temperature reaches 15°.

Bank Holiday Monday could see temperatures hit 15° - although with less sunshine than the previous two days.