Will you be mentioned?

IN response to your queries about St Francis Grammar School (February 12), I attended the school from about 1959 to 1962 with my brother.

Our first classroom was at Woodlands, I remember some of the names of the pupils in my class: Michael Hurley (recently deceased), Peter McLure, John Liddle, John Bentham, John Fitzpatrick, Stewart Edgar, John Connolly. Some of the surnames I recall are Harding, Keenan and Prosser.

The brothers I remember are: Brother Cuthbert, maths and football; Brother Francis, French; Brother Ambrose, Latin; Brother Aiden, RK; Brother Plunkett, (?); Brother Oswald (?); and Brother Anselm, headmaster.

Teachers: Chris Lawton, chemistry and geography; Jack McCabe, PE and English. I think the dinner lady was called Mrs Bell.

Jack McCabe was strict but very fair, whereas Mr Lawton and Brother Ambrose took a perverse delight in inflicting physical punishment.

I can honestly say I detested most of my time there.

T McCarthy

Elwick Road,


Publish Date: 21/03/2005