Willo Talk: Aim high with Ice Bucket Challenge nominations

CHARITY: Have you taken on the Ice Bucket Challenge?
CHARITY: Have you taken on the Ice Bucket Challenge?

IT’S a good job we haven’t got a water shortage this summer or it would have put a right dampener on the latest internet craze.

A few months ago I wrote this column about Neknominate, a Facebook fad which saw people challenge their pals to down a pint on video.

That got a little bit out of hand, some people tried to outdo each other by necking litre bottles of vodka and whisky and after it was widely criticised it disappeared almost as quickly as it started.

But the latest social media phenomenon is the Ice Bucket Challenge, where people have the pleasure of being soaked in freezing cold water if they are ‘lucky’ enough to be nominated by their mates.

It’s been going for a couple of weeks now, there are thousands of videos doing the rounds of all sorts of people getting drenched.

David Beckham nominated Titanic star Leonardo Di Caprio - he’s no stranger to being submerged underwater so I bet it was a doddle for him - and it seems everyone is getting in on the act.

It’s like a cyberspace version of a chain letter.

See the Harbour of Refuge Ice Bucket Challenge here

The Ice Bucket Challege reached Seaton Carew on Sunday morning when a friend of mine from Australia decided to take the opportunity to make me look a bit daft.

I did my challenge straight away - sticking with the rule of completing it inside 24 hours of being nominated - and then scoured through my friends list to see who I could set up.

It didn’t take me long to think of my first candidate.

It’s been a while since I had a pay rise, and my last appraisal at work didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, so with that in mind it made sense to nominate my gaffer Joy Yates.

Her response to my challenge was a text message which couldn’t be repeated in the Mail, but from what I can gather she’s definitely going to give it a go when she gets back from holiday.

Hopefully, she will have dried out by the time my next appraisal comes round.

I also nominated our MP Iain Wright, but as yet I’ve not heard anything back from him.

He’s popped up on Twitter a couple of times since I put his name forward, but I’m not sure if he’s checked his Facebook page yet, so if you see him can you tell him for me?

Mr Wright has some friends in high places, so maybe a few nominations down the line we might get the pleasure of seeing a bucket of ice being wheeled into the Houses of Parliament.

It’s over to you, Iain.

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