WILLO TALK: How would Lewis Hamilton cope on Hartlepool’s roads?

Lewis Hamilton.
Lewis Hamilton.

MUCH has been made of the decision to crown Lewis Hamilton as the Sports Personality of the Year at the weekend.

Before I start, I’ve got nothing against Lewis Hamilton and he’s pretty decent at what he does for a living.

But at the end of the day, all he does is drive a car round in circles in return for piles of cash.

He put his crash helmet on, jumps in the car and has to get from A to B as quickly as he possibly can, trying not to crash into anyone on the way.

It’s not exactly difficult is it?

It’s far harder driving around Hartlepool.

I bet Lewis would be hopeless turning right onto Wooler Road if he’s come down past Ward Jackson Park, or trying to shave a few minutes off his journey time dodging the never-ending roadworks on Hart Lane.

How would he tackle that daft slip-road thing near Tesco, or trying to get down Catcote Road during the school run?

He only works on a weekend, getting the rest of the week to swan about Monaco or wherever he lives with his popstar supermodel girlfriend.

When he wins his races, he takes the plaudits.

He stands on the podium, spraying champagne about and lapping it all up.

But when he gets beaten, it’s the wrong tyres, a fault with the engine or not having enough screenwash in.

Despite the fact the BBC make a big fuss about the awards and try to crack on it’s a tough competition, I personally felt there was only one winner.

And that should have been Rory McIlroy rather than Hamilton.

He must have woken up yesterday morning wondering how the coveted trophy wasn’t on his bedside table.

Over the last year, he was become the world’s number one golfer, he’s won The Open and the USPGA and also played a part in the successful Ryder Cup team.

But that still wasn’t enough, and according to the votes from the Great British public Hamilton did enough to see off the challenge of McIlroy.

That would suggest to me that it’s not about the trophies these sportsmen accrue over the course of the year which determines whether or not they win the main prize on the night.

It seems the winner is the one with the most mates who are willing to sit on their iPads clicking the vote button all night.