Woman’s appeal for return of lost rings

APPEAL: Iris Ryder from Seaton Carew
APPEAL: Iris Ryder from Seaton Carew

A WOMAN has appealed for help in finding a precious family heirloom which she lost on a shopping trip.

Iris Ryder, from Seaton Carew, was in Hartlepool’s Middleton Grange Shopping centre last week when she popped into the Peacock’s clothing store.

Iris tried on a pair of woollen gloves in the shop, removing two of her rings before she pulled the gloves on so not to damage them.

But Iris left the shop without putting the rings back on, and when she realised her mistake two days later and returned to see if they were there, she was devastated to find no sign of them.

One was a cluster ring, but it is an 18-carat gold ring which has three diamonds set in it which she is particularly keen to get back as it was her late mum’s engagement ring.

Iris said: “It was my own fault, I just put them on the top of the stand where the gloves were as I tried them on and completely forgot to put the rings back on.

“It wasn’t until a couple of days later I realised what I’d done, and I went straight back to the store. They hadn’t been handed in, and the staff pulled the stand out to see if they had fallen down behind it, but there was no sign of them.

“The engagement ring is irreplaceable for me. My dad died earlier this year, and my mum died eight years ago.

“My dad used to go shooting, and he told me he sold his best gun to buy that ring back in the 1950s.

“It was very expensive, it came from Northern Goldsmiths up in Newcastle.”

Iris has reported the missing rings to the police, and has also been into pawnshops in Hartlepool to see if they have been cashed in.

But so far she has had no luck, and is now appealing to anyone who may have picked them up or found them to get them back to her.

She added: “Someone may have found them on the floor and not known what to do with them, I’m not suggesting anyone has stolen them or anything like that.

“Maybe at this time of year if someone has found them, they could find it in themselves to let me have them back.

“The engagement ring in particular is of so much sentimental value to me, it would be the best Christmas present ever if I could get it back.”

Anyone who has found the ring can contact Iris through the Mail on (01429) 239305.