Woman’s ‘hit and run’ fury

Katie Pigford
Katie Pigford

A MUM-of-four had to be cut out of her car and needed six hours of hospital treatment after a ‘hit-and-run’ driver smashed into her.

Firefighters were called to free Katie Pigford from her Renault Clio after her car was rammed in Sunderland Road, Horden, near the junction with Hamilton Street.

Katie said the driver of the other vehicle, a white Vauxhall combi van, who had a child with him, swore at her and told her she should not have braked, before speeding off and failing to check if she was okay.

She said: “For someone to do that just shows they have zero level of compassion.”

The 30-year-old single mum was cut out of the car before receiving six hours of treatment at Sunderland Royal Hospital for soft tissue damage to her neck and back.

Katie was driving along Sunderland Road to pick her children up from Easington Colliery when the incident happened, around 11am on Saturday.

The mum to Connor Pigford, nine, Courtney Pigford, seven, Chelsea Morrow, four, and Ciaran Pigford, two, said: “He never got out of the car.

“He wound his window down and said ‘why did you put your brakes on?’ but I was only doing 10-15mph and had my indicators on to pull over as I had seen a friend.”

Albany Assistance worker Katie, from Easington Colliery, said although there was only £100 damage to the 52-reg car itself, firefighters had to resort to cutting the roof off her car as they could not move her, due to her complaining of back pain.

“I keep crying in shock,” said Katie, who has been left with soft tissue damage and tenderness in her neck and the muscles in her spine.

“I’m just so grateful my children weren’t in the car with me when the accident happened.

“All he had to do was stop and check the damage to the vehicle rather than saying it was my fault.”

Katie, who has been advised by doctors to rest for the next few days, said the driver was aged 30 to 35 with a shaven head.

Witnesses to the incident are urged to call Durham Police on the non-emergency 101.