Woman taken to hospital after being impaled on metal fence in Hartlepool

The incident happened at Ward Jackson Park.
The incident happened at Ward Jackson Park.

Members of the public have been hailed after helping to save a woman impaled on a metal fence in Hartlepool last night.

Shortly before 9.30pm, fire crews had to release the woman from the fence in Ward Jackson Park, Park Avenue.

It came after the woman had slipped when trying to exit the park, and after becoming impaled and bleeding heavily, several people helped her until the arrival of the emergency services.

Watch manager Gary Crawford, of Stranton Fire Station Red Watch, said: "The lady had tried to use the salt bin to get out of the park, and put her leg on the fence near to where the toilets are.

"She slipped and the fence went through her thigh.

"Several members of the public did an absolutely amazing job until we arrived by supporting her and helping to prevent further injury.

"The bleeding was severe and at that stage it could have been life-threatening."

Watch manager Crawford added: "We removed the woman from the fence by supporting her and cutting away the fence.

"Paramedics administered morphine and she was fine.

"We put her on the paramedics' stretcher and had to trim down the fence to make her comfortable on the bed.

"The ambulance took her to James Cook University Hospital, in Middlesbrough.

"Middlesbrough Fire Station were called out to trim the fence further so they could surgically remove the rest of it."

A spokesman for Cleveland Fire Brigade said: "At 21.26 on Monday, two appliances from Stranton Fire Station attended the incident.

"This was to a female casualty who was impaled on metal fencing.

"The casualty was released from the fencing by fire brigade personnel and transported to hospital by ambulance."