Woman took pills overdose

A WOMAN who was missing her late husband took an overdose of anti-depressant tablets, an inquest heard.

Marjorie Weatherston, 72, was found dead at her home in Macauley Road, Hartlepool, on June 17.

Her family found coproxymol sleeves on her bedside cabinet and ‘quite a few’ of the tablets were missing.

Hartlepool Coroner Malcolm Donnelly told Mrs Weatherston’s family: “She was suffering a bit from depression - I think that’s fairly clear - and she very much missed your dad.”

Tests from a post-mortem examination revealed that Mrs Weatherston had taken at least 25 of the tablets.

There was also a small amount of alcohol in her system - the equivalent to around 4 measures of spirits.

Mr Donnelly told the family that he could not be 100 per cent certain that Mrs Weatherston had intended to take her own life.

But he added: “Your mum was depressed and she may have had suicidal thoughts.

“I think it would be common sense to think that she did - that evolved after the death of your dad.”

The inquest heard that Mrs Weatherston had not been in particularly good health and had a history of angina.

Mr Donnelly said that the cause of Mrs Weatherston’s death was respiratory failure as a result of a drug overdose. He recorded a verdict of none-dependant abuse of drugs.