Work on sea walls underway

HARTLEPOOL’S sea defences will be strengthened against coastal erosion and flooding through two projects.

The second phase of construction will begin in Seaton Carew at the start of April on improving the coastal defences along a stretch of coastline from the Station Lane access ramp to the coach park.

Phase one was carried out last autumn by Hartlepool Borough Council and saw the beach removed to a depth of 15ft and saw a stone foundation buried under the sand.

Now that the stone foundation has had time to settle over the winter, phase two will see a new concrete-clad sea wall built to around the same height as the existing sea wall and the promenade widened.

The council is also set to submit a proposal for improving the sea defences along the whole of Hartlepool’s northern coastline, from Newburn Bridge to the boundary with East Durham.

The strategy aims to reinforce the deteriorating Headland sea defence wall from Cliff/Bath Terrace to Seaview Terrace by encasing the existing wall in concrete and adding rock armour to the base.

The existing lower sea wall in the Bock Sands area will be encased with concrete and a new smaller “wave return wall” would then be constructed in front of it and rock armour put at the base.