Yard completes major project

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THE Heerema fabrication yard has completed its latest jobs-boosting project.

A giant process module weighing 750-tonnes has sailed from Hartlepool to the BP Andrew oil field in the North Sea.

The 90ft structure was made at the Greenland Road manufacturing base of Heerema after creating 180 jobs for the Hartlepool company.

Bosses say it has now been completed and sailed out without any injuries, despite the project being challenging and incorporating many design changes.

Work started on the project early last year and Heerema project manager Ken Scott admitted: “The fabrication process of the BP Andrew module was a challenging project with many design changes during the process.”

He said the work had also needed “a special method of installing the module on the existing structure”.

The BP module was built as a so-called “bolt on” process module to go on the side of an existing oilfield platform.

It meant the module was positioned on two huge hinge pins placed into two engagement hooks welded onto the existing BP Andrew platform structure.

Heerema yard manager Alan Lloyd said: “The BP Andrew project created 180 jobs on our yard and subsequent supply chain.

“Heerema Hartlepool successfully managed to achieve the project delivery safely without any single lost time injuries, despite the increased safety risk caused by changes in design and subsequently the construction sequencing.”

The project completion is the latest good news for Heerema. In August, the Mail revealed how Heerema had been chosen as one of the sites to provide offshore platforms for the Cygnus gas field development.

By 2014, around 450 people will be working on this project alone.