Yellow lines to be painted to tackle '˜lazy' parking on road near school

Yellow lines will be painted on a road leading up to a school to prevent '˜lazy' parking causing safety concerns.

Thursday, 11th October 2018, 4:39 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th October 2018, 4:43 pm
Westwood Way at the junction with Tavistock Close, Hartlepool. Picture: Google.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s neighbourhood services committee approved plans for double yellow lines along Westwood Way, between Thornbury and Templeton Close, which leads to Clavering Primary School.

Complaints have been received from residents and councillors regarding parked cars on the road opposite the Tavistock Close junction.

The parked cars lead to traffic turning right out of Tavistock Close entering Westwood Way on the wrong side of the carriageway.

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Council bosses said this is particularly hazardous because of the bend and poor visibility approaching this junction.

The parked cars are predominantly owned by residents from Thornbury Close which fronts onto Westwood Way, and council bosses said they have off street parking at the rear accessed via a private drive.

Coun Rob Cook, who was speaking at the meeting as a ward representative, said: “It’s purely and simply laziness or convenience for resident to park there.

“The houses are facing the road and there is private parking for them at the rear.”

“It’s a very poor point to park at, it’s very dangerous.”

Coun Brenda Loynes, who sits on the committee, said: “It is important to road safety and children in the area, we need to have double yellow lines on both sides.”

A letter was sent to 12 properties fronting this section of Westwood Way outlining plans to implement double yellow lines, with three objections received.

The yellow lines proposed would be estimated to cost approximately £1,000.

Council bosses had recommended the committee approved the plans stating parking on the stretch of Westwood Way could have ‘potentially serious road safety implications’.

Tony Hanson, Assistant Director (Environment and Neighbourhood Services), said: “There is parking at the rear of Thornaby Close for residents, they just choose to park out the front.

“There is no reason for anyone to park on the road they just do it because it’s easier for them.”

The proposals were unanimously approved by members of the committee.