Yob ordered to stay away

A YOB who harassed his ex-partner after refusing to accept their relationship was over has been ordered to stay away for her for five years.

Christopher Wray, 26, was slapped with a restraining order against Rebecca Smith after he sent her intimidating text messages and continued to go round to her house.

Teesside Crown Court heard the couple had got together in November last year, but by March the relationship had turned sour and she wanted to end it.

Richard Parsell, prosecuting, said: “She says she tried to do so but he refused to accept her decision and was constantly phoning and texting her.

“His messages indicated that he wanted the relationship to continue and with her and no other man and made various suggestions about the consequences of any relationship she might begin with another man.”

She asked him to leave her alone on April 15 after she agreed to let him stay at her house when he turned up drunk.

But he went round again the next day and again on April 17 when he kept knocking on the doors and window.

After she handed him some of his belongings Wray started head butting the wall and punching himself in the face.

Mr Parsell said Miss Smith felt frightened and depressed by Wray’s behaviour and that she always had to look over her shoulder.

The court heard Wray had previous convictions for affray and assault. Two of the previous victims were ex-partners. Paul Cleasby, mitigating, said: “It’s obvious Mr Wray sometimes fails to appreciate how his actions are perceived by others.

“To the defendant’s credit, since April this year there has been no repetition of this behaviour.”

Wray, of Derby Street, Hartlepool, admitted harassment.

He was also made the subject of a community order for two years with supervision from the probation service.

Judge Tony Briggs said: “You should appreciate your behaviour can be frightening and intimidating and it’s not something any person ought to be called upon to endure.

“There are encouraging signs for someone of your background you are perhaps beginning to see the error of your ways.”