You ran, mallard?

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THE tale of a duck that was forced by yobs to lay its eggs in plant pots finally has a happy ending.

The mallard that fled Rossmere Park, in Hartlepool, and was pictured by the Hartlepool Mail desperately trying to take care of its eggs in the herb pot off Ardrossan Road (top right), now has a brood of ducklings.

The delightful fluffy black and yellow ducklings were pictured waddling with their mum (top left and centre) across Rossmere Way and heading back to the pond in Rossmere Park.

Hartlepool borough councillor Alison Lilley was given a snap of the mother duckling and her babies by a relieved resident and gave it to the Mail to share with our readers.

She said: “It’s absolutely wonderful news that this duck has got a happy ending. After all the upset of being forced from the park everybody was really worried about them and it was a very upsetting time.

“Everyone was really worried and felt terrible for the poor things.

“Just a few days ago though one of the residents noticed they had hatched and a short time later the mother walked them over to the pond because apparently they need to stay in the water.

“They got a picture of this lovely sight and it couldn’t be a nicer image.”

She added: “The people who did this are just mindless and it’s just great to see that despite what’s happened this mother duck has still managed to produce some lovely babies for everyone to see and enjoy in Rossmere Park.

“It couldn’t have turned out nicer really. I just hope the other ducks in the same situation as this one had such a happy ending.”

Egg-snatchers and vandals destroyed the ducks’ habitat on the park’s nesting island in the park in May.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) slammed those responsible.