Young Diamond dancers step back in time for TV

Ruff Diamond members, left to right, Josh O'Donovan, Ryan Moore, Sean Kenny and Ryan Llewellyn
Ruff Diamond members, left to right, Josh O'Donovan, Ryan Moore, Sean Kenny and Ryan Llewellyn

THEY may be used to hip hop dancing in front of thousands – but the Ruff Diamond boys had to refrain from showing off their silky dancing moves as they got involved with the filming of a 60s television show.

With just months to go before the super-impressive Ruff Diamond dance crew jet out to Las Vegas for the World Hip Hop Dance Championships, the boys are dedicating their time to practice and fundrasising.

But their fundraising drive took a rather unique twist when they got the opportunity to appear as paid-for extras in BBC show Inspector George Gently.

It wasn’t a usual “work shift” for the lads who pulled on these 60s outfits and had to hold back from their high-flying moves.

But choreographer Zac Healey said the team had a lot of fun and raised some much needed funds for the trip to Vegas.

“It’s been brilliant,” said Zac, 21, who lives in Greatham.

“Rather than going out with buckets and asking the same people for money, we have been able to work for it and it’s been great.”

Zac admitted he has never seen Inspector George Gently but said his nana Rosemary Hogan is a big fan of the show was delighted when she found out the lads were to appear as extras.

The opportunity came about after one of the Ruff Diamond team, Lewis Cope, was chatting to a friend in college and found out filming for the BBC show was taking place in Hartlepool.

Lewis was actually on a trip to London when the camera was rolling in town, but he let the rest of the lads know and they quickly signed up.

Zac admits the 12-hour days were tough and involved a lot of waiting around between scenes.

But they still got the chance to show off their dancing skills when one of the show’s directors got wind of the fact the lads were champion hip hop dancers.

“He asked us to do a couple of flips, so if anyone sees anyone doing a flip in the background that will be us,” laughed Zac.

“It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but it has been good fun, I would definitely do it again.”

Ruff Diamond will be joined by younger age dance groups Diamond All Stars and Nu Diamond at Las Vegas.

The episodes filmed in Hartlepool are set to be shown on television later this year but the exact dates have yet to be revealed.