Young family escape injury as car hurtles into home

The Renault Megane
The Renault Megane

A YOUNG family were lucky to avoid serious injuries after a car ploughed through a wall and over the garden before smashing into the front of their Hartlepool home in the middle of the day.

The front door and front window of the house, in Clavering Road, were both smashed as bricks flew through the air as the car crashed into the property.

But remarkably a young girl and her parents who were in the house at the time were unhurt.

A couple who live in the house next door, which was also damaged in the crash, said they heard a “huge smash” at around 11.55am on Saturday.

Jean and Jimmy Golden, both 74, rushed out to find the blue Renault Megane in next door’s garden, which resembled a scene of destruction.

Mum-of-three Jean said: “I don’t know how it hasn’t killed someone.

“The sound of the crash was unbelievable and it’s just so lucky that nobody was in the garden or next to the front window. A brick flew through next door’s window.”

Clavering Road was closed at both ends for around 90 minutes after the crash while police investigated the scene.

Jean, a retired school cleaner, said she was left shaken after the smash, but is grateful no-one was injured.

“It could have been so much worse,” she added.

“One of the bricks was just centimetres away from smashing through our window and Jimmy was sat in the front room.

“We just have to be thankful that nobody was seriously hurt, especially the little girl next door.”

Jean added: “We have seen lots of crashes on this road, but nothing as bad as this.

“When I heard the crash, straight away I knew it was close by, but I didn’t know it was over ours and next door’s garden.”

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “Police were called to reports of a blue Renault Megane colliding into a wall outside an address on Clavering Road in Hartlepool at around 11.55am on Saturday.

“After colliding with the wall, the car is believed to have travelled across the front of a garden and damaged the window and front door of a property.

“No-one was injured during the collision. However there were people in the house at the time and a neighbouring property was also damaged.”

A 22-year-old man was arrested in Hartlepool’s Whin Meadows shortly after the smash on suspicion of drink driving and was released on police bail.