Youngsters shower mums with gifts and songs

Mums and children at Golden Flatts Primary School
Mums and children at Golden Flatts Primary School

YOUNGSTERS showed their mums what they mean to them by making presents and singing songs.

Mums, nanas and carers of nursery and reception year children were invited to Golden Flatts Primary School, in Hartlepool, for the Mother’s Day event last week.

All the children drew a picture of their mums and read out sentences starting “my mam’s special because.”

They also made their own Mother’s Day cards and a paper flower pot with the children’s pictures in the middle of the flower.

Michaela Jukes, nursery wrap around manager, said: “We invited the mums to share in the celebration.

“This term the school has been learning about different celebrations and we have done things around Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and followed it with Mother’s Day.”

“The children also sang songs to their mums and read out a prayer with each youngster reading a different line.”