Younngstars: Hartlepool Catholic Boxing Club host first show of season

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Friday, 11th November 2016, 1:28 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:24 pm

Hartlepool Catholic Boxing Club hosted the first of four shows this season at Owton Manor Social Club.

First up for the Catholic Club was 10-year-old Harry Huntley making his debut in a skills bout with Mark Bass of Horsley Hill ABC.

Taking instructions from coach Dave Allen, who has been guiding him along since he joined the club. Harry’s ecitment at being in the ring saw him on the attack.

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In the third and final round Harry put some nice moves together and he can’t wait to get back in the ring for his next contest.

Next up was crowed pleaser Den Murray, brother of Morgan Murray, having his first main contest against Leon Huddart of Birtley ABCt.

Murray came out and took control of the centre of the ring from the off, sending in some lovely shots to the head and body of Huddart.

In the second round, Murray picked up the pace with fast combination shots along with nice ring craft.

In the final round, after a number of shots hitting the target of Huddart, the referee had no choice, but to step in and gave Huddart a standing count.

The decision went to Murray by a unanimous verdict.

Next up Danielle Marshall took on Jude English of Hamer ABC, Manchester, both England squad boxers.

Marshall had better of the exchanging shots as English triedto corner and pin down Marshall.

In the second round, Marshall was complete control with solid shots to the head of English.

In the final round Marshall sent a tremendous flurry of combinations and the referee had to step in and give English a count of 8. Marshall took the Verdict by a unanimous decision.

Dylan Skedd took on old foe Shane McCauley from Shildon

In the first round Dylan landedsome big shots which had his opponent on the back foot but he was also caught by McCauley’s good counter punches.

The second was a close tactical round as Dylan continued his barrage of shots but McCauley’s counter punches brough him back into the bout.

In the final round both produced an impressive display of boxing and at the end both embraced in a mark of respect for each other. Skedd took the verdict by a unanimous decision.

Next, Bobby Carter took on Reneil Thompson from Manor Boxing in Sheffield.

The first round saw Bobby sending in solid body shots but

Thompson sent in a solid swinging left hook, catching Carter flush on the chin that would have put down many a boxer.

In the second round both boxers stood toe-to-toe which had the crowed where on their feet.

Both boxers came out for the final round and give it their all, both sending in lovely shots and picking up the pace to the shouts of the crowd. Bobby was the winner on a split decision.

Next was Ryan Appleby against Danny Walker Ward of Degnans ABC.

In the first round Ryan had the better exchanges and caught Appleby against the ropes,

In the second round, Appleby found his range with fast heady and body shots and continued in the final round to take the unanimous verdict.

Last up Kieran Brown took on Sam Dalton from Northumbria University.

Brown started the first round a bit slow and in the second both boxers picked up the pace with Kieran looking to have just got that one.

In the final round both boxers put good combinations together standing toe-toe with some nice exchanges.

The verdict going to Dalton on a unanimous decision.

Among the supporting bouts on the night Shannon Rochester of the Gus Robinsons club took on Jacelyn Killkenny from East Middleborough in a skills contest.

The best schools boxer was awarded to Den Murray, best junior Bobby Carter and best Catholic Club boxer was Danielle Marshall.