Your 7-day catch-up

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WELCOME to Your 7-day catch-up where we bring you a round-up of the top stories featured on your Hartlepool Mail website throughout the week.

On Saturday we revealed how PM David Cameron has backed the Mail’s 2012 Race for Fitness campaign Click here

Saturday also saw a great video on our website of kids performing Grease Mania on Hartlepool Marina Click here

On Sunday we brought you breaking news after a probe launched when two Hartlepool united fans were injured during the 3-0 win over Notts County. Click here for more

On Monday we brought you the story of how war heroes with a pension are being charged to park at hospitals while other disabled benefits claimants can claim back the cash. Click here for more on this story.

We also brought news of Hartlepool lifeboat bagged a date after appearing on TV’s Take Me Out. Click here for more

Tuesday brought the shocking story of a RAF engineer who was branded a disgrace after urinating on the town’s war memorial. Click here to read this story

Wednesday saw the story of a gambling addict named wager who stole an Alzheimer’s sufferer life saving and blew the lot in the bookies. Click here for more

On Thursday we featured the story of sneak thieves targeting medics who bid to save lives in our hospitals. Click here

We also told how former Cleveland College of Art and Design pupil Jon Moore learned his skills in Hartlepool and now works on top TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters. Read more here

And Friday saw the story how Hartlepool Borough Council have had to foot a £250k bill for compensation payouts for trips and falls. Read all about it here

Don’t miss the latest instalment of Frank and Hopeful where our sports experts bring you their video views of all things Hartlepool United.

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