Your fond memories of Cameron Hospital - including Sister Salt

It's more than 25 years since Cameron Hospital closed, but the memories live on for Hartlepool Mail readers.

Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 11:05 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 11:21 am
Cameron Hospital.
Cameron Hospital.

And right at the top of them is one very special member of staff – Sister Salt.

When we asked for your recollections of the hospital, more than 7,000 people took a look and dozens left comments – with some also telling us more on email.

The main corridor.

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Sue Bradley got us underway and said: “I remember Cameron Hospital, there was a sister there called Sister Salt.

“She was lovely and she could tell you what you were having by listening in with her hearing device.

“She told me I was having a boy and that he was little – and sure enough it was a boy, premature at 5lb 5ozs. He is now 45-year-old.”

Doreen Rigg told us: “I remember Sister Salt when I had my two. She was lovely with me.”

The main corridor.

June Crossley said “Sister Salt also delivered our Stephen.”

Marg McLoughlin commented: “Lovely place. It should never have been knocked down. Had my three sons in there.”

Lisa Borg contacted us from Melbourne in Australia and told us that she emigrated when she was 12. But she remembers childhood days of meeting her gran who worked at the hospital.

She said: “I was so disappointed when I went back to Hartlepool to find that the Cameron Hospital is no longer there.

“I have the best memories of going with Granda to pick up Gran who was a nurse there.

“I remember driving around the back to wait for her. We would wait in the car, watching for the door to open and my gran dressed in her gorgeous uniform to come out. She looked so beautiful in her nursing uniform.

“My favourite childhood memory was going to pick up Gran and she would take both myself and brother into the ward to see all of the Christmas babies that were born.

“My ran still lives in Hartlepool and her name is Dorothy Shires.”

Janett Swann (Gallagher) told us: “My son was born there on a cold wet November. The nurses were wonderful and looked after you well.

“However for the food, couple of slices of corned beef, dollop of mash and beetroot is an everlasting memory of one of the meals.”

Julie Butler said: “My two eldest children were born there” while Carolhall Edmunds said: “That’s were I was born.”

Susan Dickson had three children at Cameron and said: “Good hospital, should never have closed down.”

Elaine Musgrave said: “Our three gorgeous children born there xxx” while Rees Connor commented: “I was born there in 77, cant say I remember it, but my dad has worked on the maintenance side for over 30 years seeing both camerons and brierton close their doors.”

Cameron Hospital was demolished in 1992 and by that time, had brought 20,000 babies into the world.

Thanks to everyone who liked the story including Nichola Hobson, Claire Marsey, Yvonne Coombs, Julie Butler, and Morag Maclellan.