YOUR generosity could make all the difference to a child

Hartlepool Mail receptionist Marie Westmoreland with some of the gifts donated to the appeal
Hartlepool Mail receptionist Marie Westmoreland with some of the gifts donated to the appeal

READERS are encouraged to think of others less fortunate than themselves with the launch of the Hartlepool Mail’s annual festive appeal.

Give a Little Gift has provided thousands of under-privileged children with Christmas presents over the years.

Nor have readers waited for today’s launch to leave presents at our office – a number have already been donated to our headquarters in Hartlepool’s Wesley Square.

The idea behind Give a Little Gift is simple.

Readers are asked to drop off unwrapped presents for youngsters between now and December 16,

But don’t worry about breaking the bank.

Gifts such as cuddly toys, selection boxes and perfumes are just as welcome as any bigger presents we gratefully receive.

We will then distribute your collection between worthy official causes across town.

Mail editor Joy Yates said: “It would be wrong to take anything for granted.

“But our readers have repeatedly proved all-year round that they can find the time and money to help others less fortunate than themselves.

“Give a Little Gift is a perfect illustration of the goodwill in this area and puts a smile on the faces of so many people who might otherwise do without come Christmas Day.”

Among the groups we have dealt with in the past are Hartlepool Women’s Aid, Hartlepool Outreach, Hartlepool Families First and Hartlepool Borough Council’s social services department.

Any causes wanting to share this year’s collection should send a brief letter on headed notepaper to Gavin Ledwith.

This should be sent to him at the Hartlepool Mail, New Clarence House, Wesley Square, Hartlepool, TS24 8BX.

He can also be emailed or faxed on (01429) 869024.

Remember that the appeal closes on December 16 so that we have time to sift though the presents and distribute them evenly to worthy causes.

Our Wesley Square offices are open between 8.30am-4.30pm Mondays to Fridays.

Just one final reminder before we leave you to it – please don’t wrap your presents up.

CHRISTMAS is coming and we’re urging people to get into the festive spirit.

The Mail is launching this year’s Santa Clothes competition and we want you all to get involved.

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IT’S back. Four lucky winners will share £1,000 of presents with the return of our Dear Santa competition.

Town waste management and recycling firm Niramax has kindly donated the four-figure sum for the Mail’s annual festive contest.

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