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miss nobody

I sympathise with the residents of Hart Village and Bishop Cuthbert, but would there be any complaints from them if the sites had gone anywhere else in the town. I don’t think so!


cant wait to see pics of Steptoe and sun trying to get up falcon road,its horrendously busy at the best of times.


Just to clear a point I would prefer that Tony Blair had not brought in the law that councils have to provide sites for gypsy and travellers and then they would not be a problem in any location in the town


Shame on Robinson, Beck & Fisher for not turning up to fight the Hart wards corner! I look forward to hearing/reading their full apology to the residents of the ward.


Now the council have devalued the property’s in Hart, Clavering and bishop Cuthbert are they going to reband the houses to a lower council tax band.

telling it like it is

If you’ve just spent good money moving from another town to Bishop Cuthbert by the way, “WELCOME TO HARTLEPOOL!”


Do the residents of the clavering estate also not live a mile away from where the gypsy site will be? I think the residents on the clavering estate are also going to be affected!!

Agent Scully

No doubt those residents not impacted (but in one of the “at risk” areas) will be breathing a huge sigh of relief ... until the next time ...


This once proud town is no more. It was good while it lasted !! RIP Hartlepool. :-(


What next for our councillors?? Live at the Apollo and Michael Mcintyres Comedy roadshow because they are an absolute joke!!!


I work hard, 2 jobs in fact but I can’t afford to live in Bishop Cuthbert! Should I be more liable to living next to what you deem undesirable due to my lower rank in the socio/economic scale?


The Government has got its priorities wrong insisting on such sites blighting communities fully agree with previous comments about putting facilities on trading estates as they are half empty as it is.


In my view those that live on Bishop Cuthbert and Hart have worked hard to earn that privilege. They pay relatively high council tax and have (in my opinion) earned the right to live in comparative peace without the need to worry about some of the potential issues which may arise from this decision.


There is an upside to this. previously rough owton manor will not be as rough as POSH HART AND POSH BISHOP CUTHBERT...RAG BONE!!!.


This is a joke, the whole of hart village and surrounding areas will suffer, even ‘plush’ bishop Cuthbert, horse and traps, vans, jeeps, dogs and white vests will be every were. The local pubs will suffer as people will stop going in them.

Mr Common Sense

Plenty of unused council land on various trading estates within the town that is away from residents.

Mr Mister

Where were the three Councillors of that ward today.. Not at the meeting that is for sure.


Unfortunate for the residents but it was a stupid exercise to do this in the first place. Thank you Iain Wright for your assistance again, where would Hartlepool be without you?


I’m voting for the raving loony party next time, or I may of already done it this time, wake up and smell the coffee.


Thanks HBC once again you have excelled yourself. Jokers.

A N Other

I am staggered at the stupidity of this decision! These sites are in prime locations on the approach into Hartlepool and are both in open areas which will be almost impossible to contain if they spread.


I used to dream of owning a property in Hart. Looks like it would have been a nightmare if it had happened.


Being a pauper I feel like laughing, but I do feel for the residents of plush Bishop Cuthbert. They’ll have to nail everything down.

Mr H

So I move house because you allowed 2 landfill sites to be built near my house ruining a nice area, now you are building a scutty gypsy site near my new house, I wonder if I can sue the council for loss of house value!!

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NoneShallPass @PaulGutridge

I’ll be moving out of Hart and the town. Its a running joke ran by cowards

Phil Wallis @10PMW

Politicians need to man up! There will be unrest, lots of people moving and the need for more housing

Adam Brooks @ad_brooks

think its shocking catering for them full stop. Get a home & pay tax like everyone else.

Geoff Hubbert @bhppix

piles of waste at Seaton, Gypsies at Hart..why doesn’t HBC apply for a nuclear waste dump on the A689 to finish the job properly?

Messages on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page

Ian Saunders

I think anyone living in Bishop Cuthbert will be well peed off because there house price will be worth nothing so glad I didn’t move there now phew

Elizabeth Leigh Hornsey

yep, we have just moved to a nice big house on bishop cuthbert, i guess we best comfortable since we’ll probably never be able to sell it now.

Eleanor Todd

Why do they have to be anywhere in our town?

Darren Appleyard

I wonder if any of the councillors live in Hart village or nearby ???

Elizabeth Leigh Hornsey

i guess the saving grace is it’s ‘if it’s necessary’ and maybe it’s not.

Nicola Kenny

What makes the people of bishop cuthbert and better than the people that live anywhere else in town!!!

Frazer Davies

Oh lovely....bolt everything down!

Frazer Davies

I don’t particularly think we should entertain the gypsy/traveler community anywhere in town...they are just that, travelers who will move on, so why are we spending money in hard economic times to accommodate people who have never paid council tax?

Alan Clark

id urge those unhappy to write to the local government ombudsman

Helen Adams

They couldn’t have land at b & q coz its a old slag heap and land is infected so they couldnt use it thats why don’t think anyone wants them

Jack Hanlon

I was dissapointed to hear that none of the Hart Ward Councillors actually bothered to turn up to the meeting today to decide the final sites... Just who exactly represents ‘us’?...

Ron Blair

I thought Burbank Street would have been ideal?

Harry Blackwood

This is what happens when you vote. You vote you get a politician. Simple. If you don’t vote you then get a chance to create a new system. Your choice.

Joanie Bates

not happy about this

Alan Clark

This was actually decided weeks ago but only voted on today.. doesnt sound as if any hart councillors protested against this we had all 3 of ours fighting our corner

Allison McLean

other towns/cities have gypsy sites ok we get it.. but they pick areas on waste ground away from anyone... they pick areas away from residential use or picturesque value...

Andrew William

It’s simple don’t give them any land they can go straight past Hartlepool

JaynieJesse JamesDixon

THINK!!! there is more to life than the end of yr noses x The powers that be are gonna get a shock when WE ALL WORK TOGETHER!!! xxx

Amanda Thompson

Emergency meeting of the Hart Parish council Hart villiage Hall. Monday 12th August 7pm. Regarding propsed gypsy sites at hart. All interested please attend. Thankyou.

An email sent to

Kathleen Gorman

I have never heard any thing so ridiculous as opting to spoil a village like that. But then again, what is expected from councillors?

I may now live in Australia but it doesn’t stop me being angry at what they intend to do to Hart........