Your Mother’s Day pictures: Sharing the love for the special ladies in your life

Mothering Sunday is just around the corner and we wanted to meet the inspirational women you will be honouring this weekend.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 11:51 am
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 1:09 pm
Thank you to everyone who shared a message with us.
Thank you to everyone who shared a message with us.

You got in touch on social media to share your messages and selfies, introducing us to your mums, grandmothers, aunties and partners. Here are some of your pictures.

From Alison Foster: Me and my fabulous mam.
From Julie Watkins Hackett: My beautiful mam, my first Mothers Day without you, you were the most amazing, strong, caring person Ive ever met.

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From Mandy Bruce: Me and my mam Glady Thompson she is our sunshine on a rainy day.
By Marie Logan: My lovely mam Elaine, my whole world.
From Patricia Cuthbert: Me and my beautiful mam Cecilia Cuthbert she is the back bone of the family. My mam is the best mam in the whole world apart from me.
By Bethany Main: Rachael Usher. Best mammy ever to our little boy.
By Bethany Main: Louise Main Benstead love you and your bird's nest.
By Carly Rebecca: "My mum and my nana are the strongest most annoying women in my life and I can honestly say id not be who I am without them."
By Claire Hume: This is my special little mam this will be my second Mother's Day without her she is deeply missed and loved everything about her made her special she was and always will be my hero.
By Donna Smith: This is my beautiful mam Christine Smith who is amazing and helps me throughout life just love her.
By Gemma Cain: This is me with my mam Valerie and sister Rachael, she has just rang the bell and finished her treatment for breast cancer. Even though she has been through the mill she is so supportive of everything we do and would move mountains to help us in anyway she can.
By Kirsty Rockett: Me and my gorgeous mam, Brenda Rutherford ,who gives the best advice, best cuddles and makes the best apple crumble! Love her so much.
By Linda Chambers: This is me and my wonderful crazy mam Gladys, been there for me forever, she is full of fun even at 91 years young, love her so much.
By Lisa Taylor: This is my mum, first Mother's Day without you, you were my world a strong and amazing woman, not a day goes by a don't think of you, love you.
By Natasha Martin: This is me and my absolute star of a mam Karen Ward she looks after my little one without her I wouldnt be able to go to work! Cant thank her enough for everything she helps me out with.
By Susan Atkinson: This is me and my beautiful mam Margaret celebrating some happy news a few years ago.
By Susan Flannagan: This is me and my mam Jean Frier who helped me set up and tidy each week at my Childrens ART classes. Shed watch the babies for the mammies too and the children loved her. Id never have managed without her. Thank you Mother.
By Tash Louise Keighley: Me and my beautiful mam Mandy Craigg. She is a fantastic mother and nanna to my two little cherubs and has taught me to be a strong woman and a fantastic mother to my two children.
By Ashleigh Waller: This is my super special momma. Two years ago we lost my big sister, and she struggles every single day. Mothers Day is a hard time for all of us as we all miss her so much especially the children. She keeps going for myself and her grandchildren, even though shes broken inside. If thats not a special mam I dont know what is. Im so proud of you mam and I dont tell you enough that I love you.
By Ashleigh Waller: Jasmin Langley. This is my amazing partner. She doesn't realise how loved she is not just by me but my son. She is his second momma, when we got together she took us both on as a package, and most of the time is a better mam than I am.
By Nana Jayne: Me and my amazing mama Jean Walsh who has made me into the person I am today she is one of a kind.
By Sarah Daniel: Ged Daniel we are so close we share the same shadow. She is my sun moon and stars, she is my everything and everything i could hope to be. My hero.
By Susan Ryland: Best mum anyone could wish for, strict but fair and the kindest woman in the world. First Mothers Day without her and miss her terribly.
Ashleigh Pounder with son Kieran.
By Beth Callaghan: Happy Birthday and Mother's Day to THE best! Rosie we would be lost without you. Love you loads.
By Hannah Potter: My beloved mam one [in a] million love her to bits she's my world.
By Hayley Cook: Me and my lovely mam Lynn who is my best friend I cannot thank her enough for everything she does for me and her grandson love you loads mam.
By Julie Evans: Happy Mothers Day to my beautiful mama - Love you Jeanette Gales Ward.
By Kristine Fowler: Happy Mothers Day to the bestest Jayne-a-saur! Always up for a laugh and hands down the best drinker! We all love you so much.
By Lyndsay Anne Cranner: Me and my amazing mam.
By Anne McGarey: My lovely mam Lorraine, just beautiful inside and out.
By Carmel Elizabeth Brunton.
By Faye Louise: Pauline Ann wishing my number one lady in my life the nicest Mothers Day! Shes the best and I dont know what I would do without her!"
By Ian Farrar: Fantastic mother and friend.
By Joanne Yeoman: This is me and my gorgeous mama, Tracy Jeffels such a loving caring mam, wouldnt be where I am today without her one in a million.
By Julie Jackson Robinson: My mam is my best friend, big sister and also my mam I don't know what I would do without her. Love you so much mam, not enough words to say it Yvonne Jackson you are one in a million love you always.
By Kerry Crawford: Happy Mother's Day to my mam, she is a very special, strong woman, she is funny, mad and loving, she is a fabulous grandma and Great grandma as well, love you always Christine.
By Laura Amy Dixon: Happy Mothers Day to my inspiration. She's the glue that holds the family together Love you loads Tracey.
By Laura Johnson: This is my mam Judith Johnson and she is the rock of our family my hero and best friend. She does everything for me my two brothers and my two sons. She has been looking after my two sons over the last two weeks while I have been in hospital poorly. She is a true super woman and I would be completely lost without her.
By Michelle Bailey. Simply the best mama in the whole world.
By Nikki Patterson: My mam is my world. This is a photo off last year when we got the results that her breast cancer had gone! Best day ever. Love you Serena Houghton.
By Vicky Cameron: My best friend and rock all rolled into one.
By Ash Ch: Me and Jeanette Moulding at Download Festival last year. She's amazing because she put up with me and my brother chewing her but is also a strong woman who has helped me become the idiot I am today.
By Jennifer Carroll: Maman and I on my wedding day. A biological research scientist she showed me that women can be and do anything if they want it enough, none of this man's jobs lark. She also taught me to draw and paint allowing me to not only pursue a fulfilling career in the sciences but open my second business as an artist.
By Sarah Hanlon: Our beautiful nana Joan Hanlon. Helped me through a difficult time as a teen, took me in as a pregnant 17 year old and has been a wonderful great nana to my own kids. She's got a beautiful heart nothing is ever too much for either nana or grandad, thank you nana for everything you do for me, Bayley and Jaydyn we love you millions.
By Kimberley Keeney: This is me with my Mam, Margaret Cummings and my mam with my baby son Samuel. Id like to wish her a happy Mothers Day and thank her for being the best mam and Nana in the whole wide world... her first Mothers day as Nana.