Your reactions to scrapping of turbine proposals

A decision which ruled proposals for three massive wind turbines in Hartlepool were invalid has prompted plenty of debate among readers.

Thursday, 1st September 2016, 5:00 am
The proposed turbines would have been among the tallest in England .

Planning applications by Seneca Global Energy to allow 574-ft onshore turbines to be built at Graythorp Industrial Estate, Brenda Road West Industrial Estate and Tofts Road West were approved in 2015.

The plans were later called in by the Government after concerns from the public and the Seaton Carew Wind Turbine Action Association were raised over their potential impact.

Now all three applications have now been ruled invalid by Government agency the Planning Inspectorate, because of a lack of consultation by the applicant before submitting the proposals to Hartlepool Borough Council in 2014. An inquiry fixed for October has been cancelled.

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On Facebook Amy-leigh Norris commented: “I’m sure if I lived near the site I wouldn’t want to see them towering over my house.

“They’re fine out to sea but I agree with residents. It seems our council haven’t thought about the public AGAIN if the bloody government has had to step in its a joke.”

Antony Baker said: “Amazing we approve things we don’t have to against the will of the people. Another pat on the back for Hartlepool’s amazing councillors.”

Andy Precious Hill said: “Spend the money on The Front instead.”

A number of readers also commented on

Reader PG1701 hailed the efforts of Seaton councillors adding: “The possible flicker effect from them was massive, and if you’re in your house and you have this shadow going across your property every so often depending on how fast they are rotating, it would drive you crazy!”

Lucknow agreed and said: “I just want to say a very big thank you to all the people who gave time and effort to oppose this debacle. I fear the fight may not be over though.”

Next Of Kin: said: “If we have to have wind farms stick them far out to sea apart from being inefficient/old technology they are a blot on the landscape even at Graythorpe the land time forgot.”

Fred C asked why Seneca Global Energy did not follow the law regarding the consultation period. He added: “If the land does belong to HBC why did the council think it appropriate to allow a company to rent that land & then erect 3 gigantic structures in such close proximity to peoples homes?

“However I suppose the most important question is when will the Leader of the Council announce the implementation of the ‘New Town Plan’ which is now around 2 years later than his original date?”