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Letter of the week: Is this the best the political parties in Hartlepool can come up with?

On April 17 I received an envelope containing my postal vote for the forthcoming Hartlepool Borough Council elections.
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Obesity is a national crisis, says Dr George Rae.

Obesity is a national health crisis which won’t go away

The publication of NHS Digital’s obesity statistics highlights the enormous scale of the problem we face with an increase of 18% in obesity-related hospital admissions in the last year.

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One of the new dog machines.

Letter of the week: Here's how to clean up Hartlepool's dog dirt problem

Referring to your article regarding free dog waste bags (Mail, March 24), though I don’t live in Hartlepool anymore, where I do live, it’s the same story.

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Police in protective suits at the scene of the Salisbury poisonings.

Letter of the week: Why don't the Russians seem to care about Salisbury attack victims?

There is an enormous amount of Russian money in the City of London.

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The aftermath of the Lumley Square fire.

Letter of the week: Thanks God for courageous Hartlepool firefighters and helpful public

With reference to the article, Couple’s lucky escape after fire in Hartlepool (Mail, March 5), we would like to thank God for the courageous firefighters.

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Hartlepool MP Mike Hill.

Letter of the week: Hartlepool MP's Brexit views are against majority of public vote

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, a committed “remainer”, is in my view trying, via the Hartlepool Mail, to convert residents to change their minds after voting overwhelmingly to leave the EU at the referendum.

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Former Pools boss Craig Harrison on his arrival last summer.

Letters of the week: 'Hartlepool United problems on the pitch started before the financial crash'

Although it seems highly unlikely that Hartlepool United will gain promotion this season, the same cannot be said of the coaching staff.
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Middlesbrough fans collecting cash for Hartlepool United before Pools's January home game with Wrexham.

Letter of the week: Loan arrangement may help save Hartlepool United

I was born in Hartlepool and represented the Hartlepool under-14, under-15 and under-16 boys’ team in the early 1970s.

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Bowed heads at Hartlepool's Remembrance Day service in 2017.

Letter of the week: Shops should close to mark 100 years since the end of the Great War

This year Remembrance Sunday falls exactly on November 11 (Armistice day), exactly 100 years since the guns fell silent.
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The aged dog left tied to a tie in Hartlepool last month.

Letter of the week: What do the professionals say about decision to shoot Hartlepool dog?

Regarding the article, 80% of readers say police were wrong to shoot dog tied to tree (Mail, January 23), yet again the police are being seen as the bad boys.
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Citizens Advice boss Joe Michna.

Letter of the week: Praise for a Hartlepool hero

I would like to thank Joe Michna, manager at Hartlepool Citizens Advice Bureau (pictured), for his knowledge, support and advice on an employment law issue I had.

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Rubbish strewn across land close to the former Odeon cinema.

Letter of the week: Hartlepool site 'must look awful to anyone from out of town'

For a long time now I have been complaining to Hartlepool Borough Council about the state of the land next to the old Odeon cinema.
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The cabins are the centre of our letter writer's sadness.

Letter of the week: 'Hartlepool Borough Council has caused more devastation to town than world war bombs'

I saw the feature on Middleton Cabins (Mail, December 27).

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Inspirations garden centre.

Letter of the week: Is it time for Hartlepool residents to get a council tax reduction?

I see pantomime season has started early this year (Mail, December 4), with Hartlepool Borough Council closing yet another council-run project which is running at a loss.

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Headland Town Wall.

Letter of the week: How can Headland Town Wall awards be justified?

To quote Victor Meldrew, “I don’t believe it.”
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A festive picture looking towards Hartlepool's Church Square.

Letter of the week: All I want for Christmas are a mobile phone and a golden setter

Mam, will he come, won’t he come.

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An undated picture of busy life at Hartlepool Fish Quay.

Letter of the week: EU legislation to blame for decline in Hartlepool's fishing industry

Seeing the slow but inexorable decline in our fishing industry has been frankly heartbreaking.
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Our writer is urging motorists to ensure that cycling lanes remain for cyclists.

Letter of the week: Leave Hartlepool's cycle paths for the cyclists

Tyre pressure – check!

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The late William and Tracey Robson.

Letter of the week: Thieves who tormented this Hartlepool father and daughter's family should be thrown in stocks

The article, headlined Family’s appeal after grave figure stolen (Mail, November 7) is sad but not unexpected.
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A PCSO talks to a cyclist at the junction of Victoria Road and Stockton Street, Hartlepool, in 2015.

Letter of the week: Something needs to be done about pedestrians getting in the way of Hartlepool cyclists

For how much longer are pedestrians in this town going to risk life and limb by ambling about on the pavements in Hartlepool – particularly those in Stockton Road, York Road and Victoria Road?
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