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Letter of the week: More needs to be done to tackle Hartlepool's drug problems

There is no denying that Hartlepool has a major drug problem.

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Would you pay more tax to improve services at the University Hospital of Hartlepool?

Letter of the week: Government wins twice by increasing taxes to boost NHS

There is talk of this Tory government increasing Income tax to help pay for its £20billion, 10-year plan for the NHS.
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The late Stan Anderson steps out for Sunderland.

Letter of the week: Pleasure to see Horden hero play football

Sad to here about death of former Sunderland, Newcastle United and Middlesbrough captain Stan Anderson.

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Thelma Peppert and John Proudlock outside Rose Cottage

Letter of the week: Those in power should show compassion in Hartlepool's War of the Roses

How very sad that Mrs Peppert (Mail, May 26), who has reached over 90 years of age, has been made so upset by the uproar over the roses outside of her home at Dalton Piercy.

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The recent meeting about anti-social behaviour in the Burbank area of Hartlepool.

Letter of the week: Hartlepool Police seem to be responding to community concerns

I write in response to the article, Residents say crime and antisocial behaviour are blighting area (Mail, May 25).
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British soldiers on patrol in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

Letter of the week: Should soldiers stand trial for keeping the peace?

Many years ago I had a great job that I liked and enjoyed in the security business.
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Our writer believes dog owner should take greater responsibility for looking after their pets.

Letter of the week: Dog owners should take their pets elsewhere

Why can’t some dog owners accept the fact that, believe it or not, not everyone feels the same way about dogs as they do.

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Councillors Stephen Akers-Belcher (left) and Allan Barclay at The Manor House, Owton Manor Lane, Hartlepool, which has been the target for vandals

Letter of the week: Hartlepool Borough Council should hang 'head in shame' over demolition wish

The article headlined "Demolish Manor eyesore" (Mail, April 27) proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that Hartlepool Borough Council has little or no comprehension or knowledge of the history of the area it supposedly represent.
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Tunstall Court was an example of Hartlepool Council's neglect of our heritage, says our correspondent.

Hartlepool Council has no respect for our heritage

Demolish Manor Eyesore (Mail, April 27) proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that Hartlepool Borough Council has little or no comprehension of the history of the area it supposedly represents, nor respect for the heritage of Hartlepool and the subsequent manors.

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Fighters during the Spanish Civil War.

Seeking stories from the Spanish Civil War

I am currently researching for a book on the role of North East people who were involved in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).

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Our writer has sympathy with wheelchair user Tara Johnson, from Whitburn, who couldn't see at Gary Barlow's Sunderland Empire concert due to people standing in front of her.

There’s not enough respect for the disabled

I was sorry to read in the Echo how Tara, the lady in the wheelchair, had her view restricted by ignorant people at the Gary Barlow concert.

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Our writer's wife was injured in Mulgrave Road.

Letter of the week: Hartlepool can be rightly proud of great act of kindness

I would like to thank the three people who stopped and helped me when my wife tripped and fell in Mulgrave Road on the morning of April 26.

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The dog at the centre of our RSPCA story, who is now named Magic.

Letter of the week: No need for cruelty to any animal

Once more a poor dog has been starved (Mail, April 24).

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Councillors represent their wards at Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Letter of the week: Is this the best the political parties in Hartlepool can come up with?

On April 17 I received an envelope containing my postal vote for the forthcoming Hartlepool Borough Council elections.
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Obesity is a national crisis, says Dr George Rae.

Obesity is a national health crisis which won’t go away

The publication of NHS Digital’s obesity statistics highlights the enormous scale of the problem we face with an increase of 18% in obesity-related hospital admissions in the last year.

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One of the new dog machines.

Letter of the week: Here's how to clean up Hartlepool's dog dirt problem

Referring to your article regarding free dog waste bags (Mail, March 24), though I don’t live in Hartlepool anymore, where I do live, it’s the same story.

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Police in protective suits at the scene of the Salisbury poisonings.

Letter of the week: Why don't the Russians seem to care about Salisbury attack victims?

There is an enormous amount of Russian money in the City of London.

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The aftermath of the Lumley Square fire.

Letter of the week: Thanks God for courageous Hartlepool firefighters and helpful public

With reference to the article, Couple’s lucky escape after fire in Hartlepool (Mail, March 5), we would like to thank God for the courageous firefighters.

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Hartlepool MP Mike Hill.

Letter of the week: Hartlepool MP's Brexit views are against majority of public vote

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, a committed “remainer”, is in my view trying, via the Hartlepool Mail, to convert residents to change their minds after voting overwhelmingly to leave the EU at the referendum.

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Former Pools boss Craig Harrison on his arrival last summer.

Letters of the week: 'Hartlepool United problems on the pitch started before the financial crash'

Although it seems highly unlikely that Hartlepool United will gain promotion this season, the same cannot be said of the coaching staff.
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