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Letter of the week: 'Hartlepool Borough Council has caused more devastation to town than world war bombs'

I saw the feature on Middleton Cabins (Mail, December 27).

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Inspirations garden centre.

Letter of the week: Is it time for Hartlepool residents to get a council tax reduction?

I see pantomime season has started early this year (Mail, December 4), with Hartlepool Borough Council closing yet another council-run project which is running at a loss.

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Headland Town Wall.

Letter of the week: How can Headland Town Wall awards be justified?

To quote Victor Meldrew, “I don’t believe it.”
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A festive picture looking towards Hartlepool's Church Square.

Letter of the week: All I want for Christmas are a mobile phone and a golden setter

Mam, will he come, won’t he come.

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An undated picture of busy life at Hartlepool Fish Quay.

Letter of the week: EU legislation to blame for decline in Hartlepool's fishing industry

Seeing the slow but inexorable decline in our fishing industry has been frankly heartbreaking.
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Our writer is urging motorists to ensure that cycling lanes remain for cyclists.

Letter of the week: Leave Hartlepool's cycle paths for the cyclists

Tyre pressure – check!

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The late William and Tracey Robson.

Letter of the week: Thieves who tormented this Hartlepool father and daughter's family should be thrown in stocks

The article, headlined Family’s appeal after grave figure stolen (Mail, November 7) is sad but not unexpected.
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A PCSO talks to a cyclist at the junction of Victoria Road and Stockton Street, Hartlepool, in 2015.

Letter of the week: Something needs to be done about pedestrians getting in the way of Hartlepool cyclists

For how much longer are pedestrians in this town going to risk life and limb by ambling about on the pavements in Hartlepool – particularly those in Stockton Road, York Road and Victoria Road?
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Jimmy Gettings with a framed copy of the Mail Sports Mail.

Letter of the week: Thanks to Hartlepool Mail and its readers for a story with a happy ending

May I through the Letters page thank the people who helped me reunite former Pools player Darren Knowles with the memorabilia from his days at Victoria Park.
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There is a fear that too many Hartlepool patients are being unnecessarily steered towards hospitals in Stockton and Middlesbrough.

Letter of the week: Why can't we steer patients towards our own Hartlepool hospital?

I read the article (Mail, November 1) about claims that patients are being “steered” towards the University Hospital of North Tees.
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Our writer doubts whether Church Street will ever look like the artist's impression above.

Letter of the week: 'I wait with bated breath for Hartlepool's Church Street vision to appear'

Reading this week’s editions of the Hartlepool Mail I got this overwhelming feeling of deja vu coming over me.
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Our writer fears it is far too easy for youngsters to gamble these days.

Letter of the week: It's all too easy for the young to be lured into betting

Gambling is so often the preserve of the poor and the desperate.

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Flashback to 2010. Peter Gowland, of HVDA, third from the right, with Hartlepool Railway Station ambassadors, left to right, Carol Slattery, Gordon and Ada Shears, Paul Stevenson and Jamie Sculley.

Letter of the week: Legacy of doomed Hartlepool help group will not be forgotten

It was with sadness and regret that The Friends of Hartlepool Station learned of the unfortunate, but not unexpected, demise of Hartlepool Voluntary Development Agency.

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Rubbish dumped in Acclom Street, Hartlepool.

Letter of the week: 'Defendants on community service should clean Hartlepool's smaller streets'

I agree with reader Darren Smith (Mail Facebook page, September 15).

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Our writer believes the Headland Town Wall serves no practical purpose.

Letter of the week: 'Hartlepool Town Wall sea defences have no practical purpose'

A plaque has been fitted to what can only be described as the Headland folly.
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Queues on the A19.

Letter of the week: Drivers are to blame for crashes on the A19 - not the road

The Hartlepool Mail’s campaign to improve the A19 is effort in the wrong direction.

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Letters of the week: Here's a little of what Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has done since his election

Letters of the week: Here's a little of what Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has done since his election

The Letter of the week featured on 26th August begins by revisiting some of Mike Hill's election pledges such as improvement to local services and employment, both of which he is already striving to achieve.

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The launch of the new 90,000 hi-tech bins. Our writer believes the money could have been better spent.

Letter of the week: Hartlepool Borough Council's £90,000 bins are a wasted opportunity

On August 17 I got a letter from Thirteen group confirming that Hartlepool Borough Council had reviewed the Homecall service and would no longer be subsiding it.
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Our writer has a question looming for Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, above.

Letter of the week: What has new Hartlepool MP Mike Hill achieved so far?

On June 8, a general election was held, and the people of Hartlepool democratically elected Mike Hill (pictured) to represent them in the House of Commons.

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Our writer feels our Brexit divorce may benefit from a transitional period.

Letter of the week: Brexit is a 'pointless and self-destructive course of action'

I for one will certainly not be signing the petition reader FE Sharpe’s recommends against a transitional period in implementing so-called Brexit.

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