A big mistake

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I don’t envy the French, having to bulldoze the sprawling migrant camp at Calais.

No doubt it will turn out to be a bloody war zone, with people injured – possibly killed – on either side, terminating in unnecessary suffering and general mayhem.

All of which could have been avoided.

This situation has been building up over the years, with the complacent attitude of the French Government watching the growing numbers of migrants escalate to alarming proportions.

Relocating these people to an official French “jungle-style” camp in Paris will turn out to be a huge error of judgement in my opinion.

They are offering beds, washing and cooking facilities, ablutions and running water to accommodate thousands.

In time, I’m sure the migrants will start insisting on televisions, entertainment or whatever to relieve the boredom, citing the Human Rights Act.

It is comparable to offering a free basic holiday camp which will get abused, and cost thousands.

Who subsidised this expense?

I despair at the thoughtlessness of this relocation.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,