A bitter pill

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On April 1 prescription charges in England increased by 20p, from £8.20 to £8.40.

People with asthma tell us they’ve had to choose between paying for their prescriptions and paying for food, fuel and household bills.

Any barrier to life-saving medication has the potential to put the lives of millions people with asthma at risk.

People with asthma shouldn’t be forced to pay for the prescriptions they need.

We are continuing with our campaign to put an end to prescription charges for everyone with a long-term condition as part of the Prescription Charges Coalition (PCCs).

PPCs are effectively prescription season tickets.

They save money for patients who are regularly prescribed prescription items.

If you would like further information on PPCs, please call our expert asthma nurse helpline on 0300 222 5800.

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If you are having an attack and your reliever inhaler is not helping, you should always call 999.

Do not to be afraid to call for help if you think that you need it.

Kay Boycott,

Chief Executive,

Asthma UK,

Mansell Street,