A centre worth visiting

I HAVE been visiting Hartlepool’s Middleton Grange shopping centre for more years than I care to remember.

I can recall the time before the roof was put on when everyone had a centre parting due to walking into what was usually a head wind of 20mph.

In recent visits, however, the wind has been replaced by youths in 
fake Burberry and Fred Perry track suits.

The youths, commonly known as chavs, wander aimlessly around town looking to spend their dole money in any number of pasty or pound shops.

It annoys me no end that the shopping centre, and town in general, is the perfect example as I see it of what happens when a council decides to let it go because they’d all rather spend their budget on iPads, water dispensers or mobile phones.

The council and the owners of the centre are between them responsible for what I consider to be grotesquely overpriced parking and high rents for shop premises.

Councils are run by people who receive pay from the taxpayers.

They don’t necessarily understand the ways of the business world.

Why should they? It’s not in their job description.

What you need to do to give us a centre worth shopping in is to get rid of some of the pasty and pound shops, give us free parking, lower the rent/rates and please stop the chavs from going anywhere near the place.

Graham Booth,

Prospective MP for the Common Sense Party,

Kyle Avenue,