A feeling of frustration

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Few can have failed to notice in recent months the growing criticism of our esteemed MP.

I wonder how many also share my occasional frustration with the Labour-run Hartlepool Borough Council.

They carry out many important functions but it seems that when individual’s concerns are brought to their attention, by the individuals themselves that is, a seemingly deaf ear is the response.

I have raised an issue with them on a number of occasions and get only bland “fobbing off” type replies, with no discernible action to follow one way or the other.

Perhaps an individual constituent isn’t as noteworthy as a larger group or company?

I’m wondering if any other of your readers feels the same.

My question is a simple one.

Am I cast in the Victor Meldrew mould or do others sometimes feel the same frustration?

I believe it would be fascinating to find out.

Tim Moss,

Seaton Carew.