A festive plea

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Another Christmas for the young,

A Christmas for the old.

A season for the middle aged,

A pleasure to behold.

A time when children laugh and play,

A time for all to sing.

A Christmas blessed with love and joy,

A festive happening.

Decorations on the wall,

A fairy on the tree.

Kittens by the fireside,

Presents on your knee.

Paper hats upon your head,

Smiles upon your face.

Silver tinsel in your hair,

Loved ones to embrace.

Christmas cake and Christmas pud,

Mint on turkey breast.

Roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts,

Wine with cherries dressed.

Christmas Day is here again,

It comes but once a year.

A time when everyone has fun,

A time of festive cheer.

Pantomimes on TV screens,

For children to enjoy.

Party games and red balloons,

For every girl and boy.

Christmas Day, like yesterday,

Will soon be here and gone.

So cherish now your family,

For there are some with none.

Let us all on Christmas morn,

Remember those alone.

The ones who have no family,

To visit them at home.

They are lonely, they are sad,

They have no love at all.

So if you know a friend alone,

Then don’t forget to call.

Kenny Surtees,

Ainsworth Way,