A few points

JUST a few points regarding our Mayor and Hartlepool Borough Council.

Why spend millions on sea defences at Seaton Carew when there is more urgency to repair the Heugh pier on the Headland, which is literally falling into the sea?

Also, eyesores which blight the town, notably the grotesque Odeon cinema, which should have been pulled down years ago.

Please demolish it and bill the owners. What a sight for visitors coming to the town.

As for chopping down mature trees, notably at the War Memorial, with some lame excuse (decay).

Not selling Victoria Park to IOR and stopping the progress, in my view, of the club, is also on my list.

IOR has already pumped millions into the club.

Also there one or two little things that were planned for the town.

The footbridge from the old ferry crossing to the Headland, and the floating hotel on the Marina.

Come on, you could put this town on the map if you got your act together.

I don’t think I’ll be voting in the next local elections.

L E Willoughby,

Granville Avenue,