A good idea

I CANNOT believe the Mail has not been inundated with letters from victims of the bus service cuts.

I have, for the last few weeks, spent most of the day worrying about how my mother and her companion, aged 77 and 87, are coping with their only bus service being completely axed.

They are now isolated from shops, doctors, hospitals, etc, as is the rest of the community of Chandlers Close, Ensign Court, etc.

Although they have Asda, people don’t realise that this hidden part of the marina runs practically right along to Newburn Bridge.

Now imagine the distance between Newburn Bridge and Asda. The walk is unrealistic and impossible for some.

To further my worries I have now no way of getting down to visit her, to take any essentials she may need, as I am currently awaiting spinal surgery and cannot walk more than 100m.

I do hope that this letter evokes empathy and understanding from all of the other people of the town who have had their bus service stopped or reduced.

My mother had a great idea, of the number seven Headland bus doing a detour at Marina Way, taking in Maritime Avenue, Ensign Court and Chandlers Close.

I thought this was a good idea.

Could other services do this?

It could be the answer to those problems as I thought, as a civilised society, we were meant to care for our elderly and vulnerable members of our community.

Apparently not.

Mrs G Holland,

Murray Street,