A negative overhang

HOW sad I was to recently read (Mail, December 7) about the young boy who turned up at school wearing trainers and was then treated differently to how he would have been had he arrived in his usual school shoes.

The fact is that, whichever point of view you take on this event, it will always remain a double-edged sword.

Firstly, school uniform is important.

I see it as making everyone the same, reducing any chastisement that could take place between those pupils whose families can afford the best attire and those who can only afford cheaper copies.

Secondly, the mother had explained the circumstances and that wearing the trainers was going to be a one-off, indicating she respected the rules of the school.

That young boy still went to school for his lessons and, rather than being separated from other pupils, he should have been given some respect for turning up.

Though the school may be smarting somewhat from the negative overhang of the article, I wonder how the young boy is feeling with the chastisement he may be getting from his peers.

Forty years on, I still get tears in my eyes when I remember how my year group treated me for being on free school meals.

I hope both sides have learnt from this unfortunate difference in correct procedure, which hit both uniform and education.

Denise Watson,