A party of muttering idiots

AS a floating voter, with the tendency to opt for UKIP as it offers the way out of the EU, I consider the remark David Cameron gave to Ed Balls in the Commons rather appropriate.

Mr Cameron declared Ed Balls a muttering idiot as he was exasperated by Mr Balls’s constant heckling whenever the Prime Minister gets to his feet to speak.

Ed was a member of Gordon Brown’s elect and should admit to the economic mess that New Labour got the country into.

Ed Miliband, the leader of the now Labour Party, admitted that they eventually lost the plot when in power, a credit to his integrity for doing so.

When New Labour came to power public spending was at £540bn, then it rose to £663bn – a rise of 24 per cent – which became unsustainable in the present economic crisis.

Ed Balls appears often on the BBC but has never yet confirmed how Labour would go about rectifying our deficit, apart from borrowing more cash.

Ed’s wife, Yvette Cooper, apparently has the acumen when it comes to politics and could be a future leader of the Labour Party.

If Ed’s philosophy became the politics of his party we would all become muttering idiots, facing the same economic plight of Greece.

That really would be something to mutter and mumble about, regardless of place and time.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,