A poor substitute for old clock

WHERE has the clock gone that was on the Marks & Spencer 

I have asked at the customer service desk on a few occasions and filled in a request form.

I got a letter from the centre manager saying the matter was being dealt with on September 17.

How long does it take to mend a clock?

It’s a poor substitute anyway for the one we had on the Woolworth wall.

I don’t know why they didn’t keep that one or make the British Home Stores sign into one.

A few people have commented on it.

Even the Mail paper stand people get asked the time.

I know we all have watches and mobile phones but a clock is a centre-piece.

So here’s hoping it’s up before the Christmas tree is.

Eileen Glenn,

Windermere Road,


LETTERS EDITOR’S NOTE: Shopping centre manager Mark Rycraft said two clocks have been taken down recently from Middleton’s Grange walls owing to power problems.

He added: “We are getting a digital clock above the customer services desk in the near future.”