A publicity stunt


Wandering around with their well cool haircuts, thinking they’re the centre of the universe and everything they say is right.

No respect for their elders

They’re all terrible.

Each of them – mumbling sacks of awfulness.

Maybe I’m being unjust, but I read the story about young Isaac Duffy who asked Ed Miliband a question about youth unemployment at the Durham Gala.

Even though the question wasn’t really about youth unemployment, but more about the previous Government’s record on youth unemployment, when Ed was in the vastly influential role of, erm, Energy Secretary.

And it wasn’t really a question or continuation of a national debate trying to get to the heart of youth unemployment and what Mr Miliband would do to improve the prospects of the young if he was in power.

Seemingly, it was a publicity stunt to make Miliband look a bit feeble, even though Isaac says it wasn’t.

I mean, forget about the fact Isaac is a Conservative supporter.

And forget about the fact there was a video recording what was happening at the same time the questioning happened.

And forget about the fact the story was on Page 3 of a local newspaper.

It wasn’t a stunt. It wasn’t even a video recording. It didn’t even happen. This isn’t even a letter that you’re reading.

Neil Baines,

Aberdeen Road,