A ridiculous scheme

WHILE the rate of grave robbery and stealing from cars is on the increase in our cemetery, some silly person has thought of building a cafe within the cemetery for the robbers to sit in as they await or plot their next victim (Mail, March 3).

We don’t need to encourage people like that because, looking back in history, grave robbing was rife but punishable by death.

Yet here we are in 2012 building somewhere for them to sit.

Security is the answer, not ridiculous schemes like this.

People say that others should not decorate graves as it causes encouragement.

But why should others think they have a right to rob them?

Respect, they have none, and that goes not only for the grave robbers and car thieves but the people who think up these idiotic schemes.

Let’s get more security. The entire idea is nothing more than a joke.

Stan Wears,

South Parade,