A slow meander along the boulevard

BEING a fine autumnal morning, I decided to take a stroll along the Boulevard de Mandale.

As I parked on Middleton Road I wondered to myself how long it would be before Hartlepool Borough Council decided to install parking meters along the whole length of Middleton Road in order to raise more money for ‘good causes.’

I slowly meandered along the boulevard, taking time out to gaze at and admire the motor and sail yachts moored there from places such as Dyke House, West View and Owton Manor.

It was while enjoying my petit déjeuner at the Café de Moorings I began to notice the ambiance of the Boulevard de Mandale.

The way that bunches of beautiful yellow flowers had been strategically placed near to and around the benches and caravan hook-up points for the many tourists who visit the area (see photo).

And the great expense and how much trouble the council had gone to, to adorn the beautiful clear waters of Le Dock du Jackson, again for the benefit of the many tourists who visit the Boulevard de Mandale (see photo).

And knowing that the council does not work on weekends, I was proud to see its workmen in road sweeping vehicles giving up their weekends in order to sweep the Boulevard de Mandale.

I then apologised to the elderly couple from Canada and told them about the wonderful sights and the many things to do at Seaton Carew (sic).

I then bade them well for the rest of their holiday in the UK.

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,