About seeking excellence

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On August 9 the Prime Minister launched the first flagship project for the expansion of existing grammar schools, and the introduction of new ones.

A policy taken straight from the UKIP manifesto, so you will not expect me to complain about it, and I am not.

I am someone who went to school at a time when we had the 11-plus and secondary moderns.

Therefore I speak from experience, unlike the many pundits who never have.

Many of these commentators have had the benefit of a good education, provided by their parents, who ensured they lived near a good school or sent them to private facilities.

They wish to deny ordinary gifted children the environment to blossom which is disgusting.

“I’m all right and you will have to suffer”.

In fact, many Labour MPs have enjoyed private educations.

Many of our educationalists are also very much in the same mindset.

They have, over many years, been brainwashed about the value and benefits of grammar schools, much like their political outlook, having never experienced it.

Well I am fully in favour of a better educational system that encourages all to prosper and gives the incentive to develop through work and application, academically or vocationally.

Both are of equal value in work and should be recognised as such, as it is all across the better performing educational systems around the world.

We all want a better educational outcome and this potentially can provide it.

So get behind it and seek excellence for our children.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,